1. lonesome_okapi_314 says

    This genuinely isn’t just ANY group of elephants, this group has walked for at least 500km since March 2020 into novel territory for these elephants: no one is entirely sure why they’ve wandered so far.

    There are 15 of these Asian elephants within the group (one has moved 4km off from the initial group and another has been born since.) They’re in China and are being monitored constantly to see where they move to in order to keep them away from residential areas and therefore safer.

    Whilst China has about 300 elephants in the Yunnan region, the Kunming region is where this group are resting – and this awesome group was from the very south of Yunnan.

    An amazing amount of resources are being utilised to monitor them and make sure they are safe.

    They’re asleep because they’re knackered.




  2. rutlandclimber says

    Ahwwww, and the little cute one all protected and snuggling in the middle!

  3. DreadPirateGriswold says

    Notice how they’re all touching?

    That’s in case of emergency or predator. One wakes up, they all wake up.

    I’ve seen cat families exhibit the same sleep behavior.

  4. a-snakey says

    I scrolled down and didn’t see the title and was relieved to see that they’re just sleeping.

  5. 3rdeyeopenwide says

    Big time cuddle puddle!

  6. loulan says

    Wait, elephants lie down to sleep? I assumed they slept standing, like horses.

  7. RootsOfTheWoods says

    Aww it’s adorable how they curl their trunks when they’re asleep

  8. wtph says

    Of course the baby is sleeping the opposite way to how everyone else is sleeping.

  9. Rohini_rambles says

    I love how they’re touching like otters when they sleep. And it looks like the littlest ones are more in contact! So cute!

  10. stangroundalready says

    Just an adorable scene. Such beautiful animals.

  11. Nicklasrd says

    Why does their skin look like it’s been edited? Intuitively I’d say it’s from a camera being very zoomed in and then β€œenhanced”.

  12. p1mplem0usse says

    And that’s how Tetris was invented

  13. CurtisAurelius says

    I like how they’re all touching at least one other elephant.

  14. mxcrazy1998 says

    After all of the poaching posts about animals being murdered for tusks I really am glad this title didn’t read the way I thought it would.

  15. Mastodimt says

    Time to go to bed, good night

  16. RollingCarrot615 says

    Oh thank God they’re asleep. I thought they were the kind of “asleep” you tell your kids “grandma” is in her “new bed” before she “goes on vacation” for a “very long time”.

  17. GhostFour says

    MOOOMMMMM she’s snotting on my back again!

  18. Pitiful_Pickle524 says

    Awwww so sweet

  19. MikelDP says

    Mouth breather on the far left

  20. LordRhino01 says

    I didn’t think elephants could sleep lying down due to their weight, but I guess you learn something new everyday

  21. BiMikethefirst says

    I thought something VERY different upon seeing the picture.

  22. Parsya76 says

    I like that at they have physical contact with at least one other of the group.

  23. saab4u2 says

    Looks like they are really tired working for peanuts.

  24. dollyluxee says

    Here’s the full vid!

    [Your Welcome](https://imgur.com/gallery/f5MeDNq)

  25. ParkingAdditional813 says

    Who farted?

  26. iKilledBrandon says

    This looks like one of those dead families from Sinister.

  27. Sierra-Modeling says

    This is wavy man

  28. GuerillaYourDreams says

    TIL… I just didn’t know how they slept.

  29. axelfreed says

    Weird people on this site

  30. ABlessedLife says

    You sure they’re sleeping? πŸ€”

    β€œElephants in the wild sleep more time standing up because it is easier for them to move. Since elephants are so large, it takes them much longer to get up.”

    Source: https://www.4elephants.org/blog/article/5-Facts-About-How-Elephants-Sleep

  31. Aggravating_Fish_169 says

    Uh whose going to tell him

  32. Zen_Master_SVK says

    Plot twist: they are all dead.

  33. Mayday002 says


  34. JackOfAllMemes says

    There’s a whole video of it, it’s great

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