1. nautical_nonsense301 says

    I feel like this is the equivalent of being like β€œI tried to take out my contacts and it turns out it was my cornea, I am now blind”

  2. manlytittysprinkles says

    Having ruined a couple monitors in my lifetime trying to remove that polarizing film, I can absolutely say that shit does not come off easy.

  3. theincredibleharsh says

    Now make glasses with that and boom! Private screen

  4. dilutedAntigone39 says

    On the plus side you can use the film to mke some glasses and make a monitor only you can see

  5. wittilykick60 says

    You now have a privacy monitor just wear polarized sun glasses and no one will know your watching porn

  6. tarekelsakka says

    This is like the Inception of reposts.

  7. Shadowfaxx71 says

    Did you try turning it off and back on again?

  8. QuiteTheChap says

    That’ll buff right out.

  9. Blackcatblockingthem says

    I might be very stupid, but this thing definitely LOOKS like protecting film. I think that it is poor design.

  10. benkjml says

    now you can use polarized sunglasses to see whats bein displayed on it! cool eh

  11. kalitarios says

    That film isn’t that thin. How did you manage that?

  12. ht4jbkihdjy7nfrd says

    That looks like a BenQ monitor & mine have not got anything like that.


  13. Dave-1066 says

    This made my day. Thank you πŸ˜‚

  14. subscriber_number_30 says

    when you got money but no brain

  15. just_a_pawn37927 says

    Low Budget Privacy Screen…..Just need some polarized glasses!!

  16. RokieVetran says

    Oof but you can buy replacement polarizing film and I think this is an old repost

  17. tamuzbel says

    That’s about a ghetto assed monitor if you can peel off the polarizing film.

  18. ithiasou says

    Put the film on a pair of glasses and watch animal porn unbothered

  19. ZeraTM says

    You’re the type of guy to put a pop tart in the microwave because the toaster takes to long.

  20. lorre851 says

    Did you just… rip off the polarization filter?

  21. Oron_Ironside says

    Who photographs themselves taking on protective plastic

  22. kaptain_kangarooo says

    More like “ripped off someone else’s post”…

  23. rgourlay87 says

    Just wear polarized sunglasses! You will feel like Jason Bourne!

  24. Brendantank says

    Did…did you use an emoji?

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