16 Fights About Money That Ended People’s Relationships



“When a friend at a film school learned my family doesn’t observe Christmas, she invited me to stay at her boyfriend’s to experience three days of Christmas. Nice of her! When I arrived on Christmas Eve, they said we needed to visit a supermarket to buy food and drinks.”

“As I watched them throwing all sorts at their two trolleys, I thought it seemed a lot for three days. But then again, people overindulge at Christmas so maybe this was normal.

When a cashier said “£328.62 please,” they stared at me expectantly. Took me a moment to register that they expected me to pay. I said, “Oh sorry, how much is my share?”

The girl feigned surprise and said, “I thought you wanted to thank us for letting you stay at ours for Christmas?” This shocked me enough to just bite my tongue and pay up.
Later that night, they got drunk and argued loudly while I watched TV, pretending it wasn’t happening. Same thing all day on Christmas Day. I crept out at 4 a.m. for home. Avoided her since.”


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