16 Times People Were Ghosted In The Worst Way Possible



This guilty coworker:

“I got ghosted by a ‘friend’ once. I worked with this girl for about a year, and we were really tight, and we hung out all the time. … Later, some stuff went down at work, and I lost my job in a really unfair way. There was a lot of gossip going around the office about some planned changes, but I was not the ringleader of that gossip. I had had several conversations with this ‘friend’/coworker, regarding what had been going on. We were going to meet up, eat, and talk about it. She told me she had to pump gas and then she’d be there. She never showed up, my number and Facebook were blocked, and I never saw or heard from her again.

What I’m pretty sure happened is that she made up lies about me to our boss to cover for herself, and instead of fessing up to it, she took the coward’s way out and ghosted herself from my life. None of our coworkers know what happened to her or where she went.

So, a big eff you for causing me to lose a job that I loved for many years that helped me provide a needed side income. At least you taught me who to trust at a job.”


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