1. ImNewHere43 says

    fuck you -the sword

  2. DrPikachu-PhD says

    Lmao get fucked 😂

    Nah but seriously that’s a pretty hilarious glitch

  3. mandareborn says


  4. Just-a-reddit-guy-16 says

    I’m giving you an award because you got unlucky

  5. Zagrebian says

    Now you gotta fuse it with another square to check if it stays 0%.

  6. Alex_Gaming42069 says


  7. Mindless_Rage05 says

    Devoted Kodachi: “fuck you lmao”

  8. InfoBlue says

    That’s asssss

  9. Octorok385 says

    Lol that’s a Sword of Real Life, Lv 1

  10. envyinsidious says

    I have the same thing going on

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