1. gsibble says

    Congratulations. My wife hit 10 years this year and I’m 29 days away from a year 🙂 25 years is insane. Wow.

  2. FrmBkr says

    As the grown (48yo) daughter of a now deceased alcoholic father I applaud & respect each and every one of you who has been willing to try, work, fail, try again and everything that comes in between and after all of this. I know it’s not easy! So proud of all of you!! 🖤

  3. U_N_S_U_B says

    Just quit last week let’s fucking go!

    Edit: I wanted to put this here for visibilities sake, It is critical you monitor yourselves for withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal will put you In the ground far faster than the alcohol would have. Both times I’ve tried to quit on my own resulted in me ending up in the ER. Don’t be afraid or ashamed at all to seek medical assistance, I vehemently recommend it. Doctors know how serious withdrawal gets; they have medicines they can prescribe that will negate the need for you to tempt yourself by weaning off. It’ll take away the guesswork and a huge amount of danger as well. So don’t concern yourself with whatever judgemental looks your mind perceives from them or whoever , cause there ain’t a doctor or nurse out there who wants to see you keep drinking yourself to death. I beg you to remember this. Thank you all and all the best to you!

  4. Outrageous_Total_100 says

    Congratulations! 7 years for me this past March. At one point I had 17 years sober, than fell off the wagon. But I got back on. Someday I hope to reach that 25 years myself.

  5. jswet says

    Currently 1 month sober, from alcohol. Been drinking hard for 25yrs, looking forward to being sober for the next 25.

  6. Ditka85 says

    Congrats dude, I’m right behind you. I’ll be 25 years myself on December 21st.

  7. MoronicThrowaway123 says

    Congratulations!! I’m 3 years “sober” from an eating disorder. I wish we got cool coins! lol
    I’m proud of you, Internet Stranger!

  8. Background_Swim_1108 says

    I hit 30 days tomorrow and I’m fucking hyped

  9. Hyperf0cused says

    Good going! That’s a really spiffy looking coin/token/award.

  10. Tac0xenon says

    2 years 4 months 13 days for me. Gonna keep stacking them days on it too

  11. ReverseApacheMaster_ says

    These type of posts are some of my favorite on all of Reddit. People kinda just taking turns sharing their successes and I’m sure there are lots of lurkers who find inspiration in everyone else’s success. If you’re one of these people and are waiting for a sign to begin your sobriety, here’s your sign! First step is the hardest but you’ll be damn proud of yourself after you get a bunch of steps behind you.

    I hit one year off pills about two weeks ago and feel super proud. I still struggle with alcohol and that’ll probably be a lifelong struggle but I take comfort in the fact that I’m beating one addiction which means I can beat another if I keep grinding and focusing.

    Good luck to everyone out there battling. It’s never easy but it’s a little bit easier when you see that so many others are fighting similar battles. We’re in it together

  12. abetteralexis says

    Post this in r/stopdrinking could really help motivate some of us in there! Congrats on 25 years!

  13. Toadsiicle says

    Been almost 7 years for me.

    You can make the change you want TODAY.

  14. thabbs says

    First year done, and going strong. Once you start, you don’t want to go back to zero.

  15. physis81 says

    Way to go! That’s amazing. No alcohol for me in 5 plus years.

  16. A_Random_Onionknight says

    Thanks and congrats, I myself got off hard drugs 3 months ago, quit drinking 6 weeks ago and don’t even smoke weed as of 2 weeks ago.

    It’s been hard so far, shakes, ttremors withdrawals, but these past few days have been good, I barely get anxiety or panic attacks anymore, I’ve been sleeping alot better, and my proudest thing right now, I’ve started reading again, I absolutely loved reading when I was younger.

    Edit: oh wow, a wholesome award, thank you so much kind Redditor.

  17. dave1684 says

    I’ve been sober for about 7 days. Can’t believe I’ve made it this far.

  18. nickannn says

    Currently 31 days clean from all substances, finishing up IOP this Thursday and feeling better than I have in a loooong time. Congratulations on 25 years and good luck with your recovery

  19. SkeetyD says

    Wow hell yeah I am at 22 days!

  20. Disastrous_Still_977 says

    omg this is the post I needed today. I don’t even know you and I am crying. GOOD FOR YOU!!! you are unstoppable.

  21. Fena-Ashilde says

    Holy crap. That’s amazing. I’m sure it wasn’t without its hardships, but I respect that strength of will.

  22. Overall_Geologist_87 says

    im on day 31, baby steps baby steps. first week was rough but ever since then its getting easier by the day. thank you for sharing your inspiration!

  23. mxntishiphop says

    Good shit! Just celebrated six months alcohol free a couple weeks ago

  24. RazorMaize says

    I’m 14 years sober

  25. thisisactuallycooper says

    That’s a huge accomplishment – congratulations!!

  26. Ok-Ad4375 says

    Congratulations! I just hit my 2 year mark back in February. I quit the day I found out i was having a kid. Best decision I’ve ever made.

  27. khrys1122 says

    Well done my friend. I fell your joy!!

    I’m also 7 years clean, off of heroin in my case. A year left until I graduate with a BSc too. I’m 36. Uk

  28. camobrien343 says

    Congrats! I’ll be celebrating 4 years next week. Thanks for the inspiration

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