1. HarryVaDerchie says

    And it’s not even 50cm tall either. This is a double scam.

  2. Plus_Sheepherder7376 says

    Taking the photo with an iPad. Classic.

  3. agnesnutter23 says

    >1,337 people found this helpful

    Apparently they are not alone.

  4. tykeoldboy says

    If they don’t know how to measure a TV then you have to wonder the type of show they will be watching.

  5. LinguisticallyInept says

    amazon reviewers are dumb as fuck, i came across one claiming the cable theyd bought wasnt as long as it claimed; luckily they added a photo; theyd laid it out next to a tape measure… somehow theyd managed to get the tape measure bit right but left the cable in that zigzag kink state they so often arrive in… hadnt even bothered trying to pull it taut or anything

    dont get me started on the seller reviews (delivery, fraud etc) being left on item pages (and 99.9% of the time not even mentioning the sellers handle)… trying to get perfume on there is a nightmare because its flooded with ‘its fake’ and ‘its genuine’ reviews with none of them mentioning which seller they bought from

  6. it_vexes_me_so says

    It’s not super intuitive that televisions would be measured diagonally, but it’s not like that information is buried in the fine either. Once you’re in the market for a new tv it’s actually pretty hard not to learn that. In fact, it’s fairly [prominently illustrated](https://i.imgur.com/1KlQopr.png) in the product photos in big, bold font.

  7. Poopmaxfunk1 says

    Take picture with iPad

  8. megs1288 says

    All you have to do is Google “how to measure a tv”

  9. Unsilent_Nynja says

    Imagine their surprise when every single TV they buy has the same problem! It’s a conspiracy!!!!

  10. Leonos8 says

    As someone who works at a major electronics retailer, seeing this makes me wanna smash my head through a window. I hate people😭

  11. Otherwise-Judge946 says

    i’m assuming it’s measured diagonally

  12. Burgov says

    Assuming a 16:9 aspect ratio, the height will be approximately 24,75 inch. We can then calculate the diagonal to be the square root of (44*44 + 24,75*24,75), which is a little over 50 inch.

    But given that I don’t know the exact width or the size of the rim, I’d say the 50 inch is pretty legitimate

  13. Danny_Donut says

    It’s the hypotenuse correct?

  14. createdamadman says

    So then there’s three people here who don’t know how to measure a tv

  15. bluntcrumb says

    TIL TV screens are measured diagonally

  16. Anon2671 says

    These people vote

  17. Luna_15323 says

    Wait, how are they actually measured?

  18. Patsfan618 says

    Televisions should be measured in square inches, rather than diagonal inches.

  19. grizz3782 says


  20. spectkiller_reddit says


  21. humanRR says

    I also claim having an 19 inch, but never had someone use the measuring tape to check.

  22. TheDarkLordPheonixos says

    How do you measure a TV? From corner to corner?

  23. vibe666 says

    It literally has a diagram of the diagonal dimensions showing the 50 inch measurement on the fucking box.

  24. princeofideo says


  25. mousemarie94 says

    …granted, it took me until adulthood to understand how screens are measured

  26. Docvodka77 says

    Wow. Just wow

  27. BigDadEnerdy says

    Why is it always stupid fucking dumbass boomers who take pictures with their fucking iPad?!

  28. peepeepoopoo1017 says

    I was today years old when I found out Tv’s were measured diagonally

  29. rosalindraine says

    Honestly I just had to look this up 😬

  30. MentosCubing says

    To be fair, the fact that screens aren’t measured like this is honestly total bullshit imo.

  31. Merfium says

    I came across this while researching budget 4KTVs.

    What a fucking idiot.

  32. monkeykins says

    Now solve for “b”

  33. misterfluffykitty says

    Among many other things I had to argue to my friend for 10 minutes that screens are measured corner to corner and not edge to edge and I’m still not sure he believes me. He’s really not the sharpest knife in the drawer but it be like that sometimes

  34. RegularCannibal says

    What do they mean with “i need my money”. You can refund everything on Amazon with no questions asked.

  35. BubbhaJebus says

    Assuming a 16:9 aspect ratio, it’s 44 wide by (9/16)*44 tall. Apply the Pythagorean Theorem, and the diagonal comes to 50.48 inches.

    So yeah, he’s a dumbass.

  36. ParadiseLosingIt says

    The complainer is actually correct. It’s been a long-standing scam by TV manufacturers for years now. All TVs are measured diagonally, while most other things, (beds, furniture, etc), are measured width/height/depth. It is counter-intuitive to measure diagonally.

  37. Brintwood says

    This…..This is why the aliens won’t talk to us.

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