40 Things To Help You Get Organized This Spring


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A makeup organizer that’ll give you back inches on your bathroom counter, as well as the ability to find your favorite matte lipstick in little to no time.

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “Love, love, love it! It was perfect for what I needed. I have a small space in my bathroom to house my beauty needs so I needed something that was compact, but would keep my stuff organized and at my fingertips. This was the perfect fit for me. I liked the transparency of the organizer so there aren’t any hidden items and WOW the space you have for all you items is abundant. I’m not a makeup enthusiast so I don’t have a ton of beauty products, but I do have a decent amount and a variety. I literally filled this with all my needs and I still have room to put more. It was super easy to assemble and the spin feature was smooth and moved easily. It isn’t a cheap piece of plastic, but you wouldn’t want to drop it or mishandle it as I’m not certain it could take that kind of an impact. Now time to go shopping and fill it up some more.” —Connie Escamilla

Get it from Amazon for $26.88.


Or, an enclosed makeup container for a chic look fit to hold your ~can’t live without~ beauty products and makeup palettes.

Julia / Wayfair, Wayfair

Promising review: “Exactly what I needed to declutter my bathroom vanity and organize my beauty products!” —Angela

Get it from Wayfair for $54.99 (available in two colors).


A Battery Daddy because it’s more like a battery ~zaddy~ that can hold up to 180 batteries, saving you the time you would normally spend rummaging through random drawers searching for a AAA for your Fire TV Stick remote. At a glance you’ll be able to notice which batteries you need, and it comes with a battery tester so you’ll know when your batteries are about to die.

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: “This little box is a great thing to have. It is easy to fill with batteries and it is wonderful to have everything organized and secure in one place. I used to keep the batteries in a plastic box, but they were all on top of each other. And, I didn’t know if it was a good thing for batteries to touch each other. So I had to go through all of the batteries that I had left and test them. This handy little box also comes with a battery tester so that made it easy to figure out which ones, if any, I needed to get rid of. This was handy because some of them were dead and I didn’t even know. I couldn’t figure out why my smoke alarms kept beeping even after I changed the batteries and it was because I was replacing the batteries with dead batteries. Loading the case was easy and it has quite a bit of space in it and extra space in the back for more AA batteries. I like that there are even spaces for more batteries in the handle. This was a good little investment and my hubby is happy because he doesn’t have to search for the batteries when he needs them!!” —Stephanie Andrews

Get it from Amazon for $19.89.


An shoe rack organizer that’ll make for a great entryway catch-all for your work bag, shoes, and more. It even has a place to store your umbrella or yoga mat.


Promising review: “Great for small spaces that need organization. Have a wall heater by my back door so getting something larger wasn’t optimal. It lines flush with the wall, so no bumping into it. I use the top shelf with basket and keep our dogs stuff there. Then use the other shelves for my outside shoes. The umbrella holder can also hold winter gear like ice scrapers as well.” —Arya

Get it from Wayfair for $50.99.


Clear drop-front shoeboxes for ultimate sneaker protection, to eyeball your selection while piecing together your OOTD, or to use as a pretty rad backdrop for selfies. They’ll keep your favorite kicks dust free and pristine until the next time you rock them.

Kayla Boyd / BuzzFeed

Our resident sneakerhead, BuzzFeed editor Kayla Boyd, uses these boxes to shelter her kicks. Here’s what she says about them:

“I kept putting off buying these shoeboxes because they are definitely a pricier route if you have a lot of shoes. But I decided to go for it and purchase the boxes in chunks — it’s hands-down the best purchase I’ve made all year! Living in a small NYC apartment, I could never find a way to store all of my sneakers in a way that wasn’t damaging or wouldn’t have them be out of sight (then I would honestly never wear them). After trying tons of different racks over the years, this is the first option that I’ve ever been 100% satisfied with. It looks great, even in my small bedroom, I can see and access all of my sneakers, and the boxes are extremely sturdy. I am obsessed with my shoe wall.”

Get a set of six from The Container Store for $52.99 (also available in a larger size).


A water bottle organizer so you can quickly grab your favorite water bottle before sprinting out of the door without having to search in the sea of mugs, glasses, cups, and NOT water bottles in your pantry. And look how much space it saves!

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “I love this product. So excited to get my water bottles organized! Using these stackable shelves, I can store the same amount of bottles in much less space. All four will stack on top of each other but due to the height of the shelves in my cabinet, I only stacked two per shelf. All my water bottles fit. I have several 30-ounce Thermos bottles, which fit fine. I have a couple of CamelBak Insulated Podiums and they fit too. My other random brands of bottles fit as well. What I was really surprised to find is my wide Nalgene 32-ounce bottles also would fit IF I place them on the top (they wouldn’t fit if you were stacking another tray on top of them but sit nicely in the top three slots).” —KGM

Get it from Amazon for $36.99+ (available in two sizes).


A vinyl record holder complete with a ~now playing~ slot in front for holding your favorite LPs and displaying them in a chic way that instantly adds style points to any room.

amazon.com, amazon.com

This vinyl record holder can hold a whopping 50 LPs. It also makes a great gift for budding collectors.

Promising review: “Very nice! I have bought two of these. They are very sleek, modern, attractive, sturdy, and effective. I have a collection of over 850 albums but have used these exclusively to store my audiophile albums. They offer excellent support, high visibility, and easy access to my most cherished albums. I love these (love the now playing slot in front; I have one with the slot and one without). I will purchase more as they are quite solidly built and very elegant in a minimalist sort of way. The front and back acrylic shield/supports are larger than other units and provide better support and protection. Highly recommended.” —Fierce Life Now!

Get it from Amazon for $34.95 (available in four colors).


An under desk drawer that’ll clear up that collection of random objects that have overtaken your work space. If you’re working from home and missing your work desk that had so many drawers to hide your snacks and extra scrunchies, this adhesive drawer will make you smile every time you reach for a pack of fruit snacks.


Promising review: “I was using an old wooden desk, so I always needed a drawer. This product is lightweight, easy and durable to install, and is very practical to use. Thanks to this, the top of the desk was clean. If the desk is large, it would be good to install two. In particular, the double-sided tape included with it is really powerful.” —Hyungwoo Kim

Get it from Amazon $24.99.


A toy organizer so you can have a place for Baby’s favorite toys and all of their accessories that can double as a tool to ease them into chores. “OK little one, let’s put all our toys away.”

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “Wow. My husband and I usually like to discuss if a purchase was worth it or not when we buy the item and use it for awhile and this toy organizer was perfect for my son’s room! We’re both very happy with our purchase. Not only is this sturdy and has that good quality feeling but it was extremely easy to put together! It took us five minutes and that was it. Also the TOYS it can hold! It holds all of the toys in my son’s room!! (The ones that fit) My son used to have a cheaper toy organizer that was cloth and he destroyed that thing within months but with this organizer it is sturdy and there’s not much he can do to try and break it. He is 2.5 years old and it’s very easy for him to access his toys and get what he wants so overall this was a great purchase and I highly recommend these for anyone who has toddlers, classrooms, daycares, kids, etc! You can use these things to hold more than just toys; they could be shoe cubbies, snack holders, books, whatever you can imagine! It’s a great size for little ones and it is just a great product to have.” —Destiny Jackson

Get it from Amazon for $49.89 (available in five colors).


A cutlery organizer tray to help you notice when your cereal bowl collection far outnumbers your clean spoons. Time to run the dishwasher.


Promising review: “I thought this would be handy and help with space management in a small apartment. It turned out to be absolutely perfect. It keeps the silverware clean and stores a lot in a very small space. I love it. I got two, because I inherited my grandmother’s silverware, so there are two types of forks and two types of spoons, and I wanted things separate and organized. Two organizers fit side-by-side in a standard apartment drawer. After getting these, I picked up the knife organizer, and it’s just as handy and useful.” —Jerimi

Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in three colors).

ThreadStax, amazon.com

This closet organizer comes with 20 slots, so you won’t have to waste hangers and precious closet space on foldable clothes!

Promising review: “I received this product a few days ago have successfully transformed my closet, it is exactly what I needed. T-shirts, tank tops, sports bras, etc. all items that are flimsy on their own, stack up beautifully in this brilliantly designed product. They all look neat, I can see what I have and access what I want easily. I highly recommend it.” —Amazon Customer

Get a 20-pack from Amazon for $27.99+ (available in two sizes and in larger packs).


Or, hangable T-shirt organizer to save drawer space. All you have to do is roll your tee, and insert it into the designated space. It also looks really cool and makes it easier to admire your vast collection throughout the day.

Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

The Roll Keeper is owned by Kelso, Washington’s resident crafter, Traci. Traci has been crafting for over 40 years and created her storage design to help organize vinyl, soon realizing that it was the perfect organization solution for much more. Her shop has versions for bottles, wrapping paper, pens, and more. Don’t miss checking out this small business!

BuzzFeed writer Mal Mower loves hers. In her own words:

“Before getting this I was driving myself up the wall with my bad folding habits. I basically shoved all my shirts into the storage drawers under my bed, because I have a teeny tiny closet (the picture above gives you a solid idea of how small it is). This has given me a massive amount of clothing storage I didn’t have before. The quality is stellar and Traci is 10/10 the most thoughtful person I’ve purchased an Etsy product from!”

Get it from The Roll Keeper on Amazon Handmade for $19.99.


Or some expandable drawer dividers to help you divide and conquer the mess of your drawers. How did you ever function without it? Mom would be so proud.


Promising review: “These are the greatest for organizing stacks of clothes in deep drawers. Installation is quick and easy, and they can be moved if you decide to reconfigure. I love this product! I highly recommended.” —Lou Powers

Get a pack of four from Amazon for $19.99 (available in six colors).


A sturdy, stackable shoe rack that’ll make piecing together your daily ensemble even easier. Now those boots that you always forget about can get a little action.


Each three-tier rack can hold up to nine pairs of shoes.

Promising review: “This was SUPER easy to put together — it literally took me longer to open the box than it did for me to put the shelving together! I originally bought three and loved the look of them so much that I bought another three! It now holds ALL of our shoes in an organized row in our foyer, and now there’s no clutter or mess in any of our closets. It also reminded me of ALL OF THE SHOES I own, and it’s helped me to curb my shoe spending since I can now see exactly what I own!” —Joanna Kim

Get a three-tier rack from Amazon for $24.98+ (available in three colors).


Or, a hanging shoe shelf that you can think of as like a bookcase for your shoes. Which genre shall you wear today?


Each organizer can store up to 30 pairs of shoes.

Promising review: “This thing is very sturdy, more than others I have had. As a shoe addict, I have had my trials with other organizers. Most break after too much time or the canvas just sags and collects dirt. Not this one! The top hanger is metal and very sturdy and each shoe compartment has a strong bottom board = no sagging!” —Libby

Get it from Amazon for $26.80.


A hanger stacker because you step on a hanger at least once a day. Now, you can neatly stack them, which makes it easier to find a hanger when you rush to your closet to hang up your newest thrift store finds.


Promising review: “Working in retail for a million years, I know how amazing these can be in keeping your life less chaotic! I put off ordering for months, and I’m mad at myself that I did, because these beat a box of hangers hands-down! I ordered two — one for dress/shirt hangers and one for skirt/pant hangers. They seem to be made of the same metal that I’ve used in retail stores, appear to be sturdy, and are super easy to assemble!” —KatieLee333

Get a pack of three from Amazon for $41.73.


A tea bag organizer so you can easily see when your stash of peppermint tea starts to get low and realize that you never need to buy English Breakfast for the rest of the year (you have more than enough).

amazon.com, amazon.com

This organizer has nine tea rows that can slide in and out or be removed and put back. It also has two additional storage drawers at the bottom for extra bags or to store sugar packets and other tea essentials.

Promising review: “This is my favorite thing in the world. I love it. We ordered two (actually my husband bought me one for Christmas and then the second shortly after) and drilled holes in the back and hung on the pantry wall. It cleared up a lot of shelf space and made it super easy to see my ~vast~ selection and easier to tell when one is running low. The plastic is sturdy and the bins have little guides on the bottom but they fit back easily if you take the whole drawer bin out. I’ve decided to make little labels for each as well. I’m completely obsessed and have been drinking LOTS more tea since it’s so fun to use.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $15.07+ (available in three colors).


An over-cabinet hair care station because those minutes you spend every morning trying to detangle the cords of your flat iron and hair dryer could be spent doing something more productive like finishing the last few minutes of Grey’s Anatomy before work.


Promising review: “This product did exactly what I needed it to. Before, all my items were in a drawer and the cords were a pain, but this metal basket minimized clutter, kept things organized and separate, and it also looks nice. It fits two of my blow dryers, a flat iron, and a curling wand. Worth the buy.” —Alyssa Jewell

Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in eight finishes).


A sandwich back organizer for your kitchen drawer. Seriously, how do we not think of this sooner?

TeamSipCreations / Etsy

TeamSipCreations is a Utah-based shop that creates custom novelty items for your home and more.

Promising review: “I didn’t know I needed this plastic bag organizer until I saw it! I was constantly annoyed by the jumble of boxes in my drawer, and this was the perfect solution. Well crafted, easy to put together, and with a bit of wood glue, it’s a solid organizational storage piece. Would totally recommend!” —Veronika

Get it from TeamSipCreations on Etsy for $26.99 (available in two options).


An elastic organizer that’ll bring order to your chaotic life. Not only can you use it to organize your cords, but you can also use it to organize your makeup, stationery, and more. You can also slip it inside a weekender for easy packing.


Promising review: “I used to be like you. Wake up, blindly shower, maybe make some eggs if you have any energy left after those other chores. Weren’t you planning on going to the gym this morning? Ugh, sorry health, lifting all the hard drives and other electronics from one bag and putting them in the other will have to do again, because it takes forever to get everything I need later in the day across the border from pack to duffle. Grid-It is like a Nexus pass for bags. Cross packs in seconds securely and hassle-free. You will be amazed by the gear combos you can pack on just one of these. I carry envelopes and stamps in the zip-up pocket on the back now and get a weird amount of admiration for keeping such old-school yet extremely relevant supplies on hand for friends or passers-by.” —anonymous

Get it from Amazon for $19.10.


A set of interlocking bins to customize your drawer with the exact bins you need.


Promising review: “Love it. What a difference it made to our junk drawer! Before things were so hard to find and falling behind the drawer. Now the same amount of stuff is in there, but we can actually find what we need. Wish I did this earlier. Super configurable.” —Alaina

Get an eight-piece set from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in three colors).


Or, a set of clear plastic bins that’ll offer the same versatility.


Promising review: “I bought these to put in my nightstand drawer to store small things, as the drawer is very deep. I’ve got ChapStick, hand lotions, a small flashlight, and other bedside items in them so they’re not just rolling around the drawer. I just bought some more for my bathroom vanity. They fit together nicely but also lift right out of each other. The plastic is sturdy, and they came individually wrapped to keep them from scratching.” —Sparkyj

Get a six-piece set from Amazon for $14.99.


A lid holder caddy because every pot has a lid, and now you can keep track of yours with room to spare for your other kitchen knickknacks.


Promising review: “This product does exactly what it is supposed to and does it well. In under 15 minutes I took my nightmare lid drawer and turned it into a functional, convenient storage space. The dividers were simple to install and provided flexibility. Slowly but surely I am getting my tiny, chaotic kitchen under control, and this got me a huge leap closer.” —S. Hawthorn

Get it from Amazon for $19.99.


A wall-mount broom holder if you’re tired of knocking over all the cleaning supplies in the corner of the closet every time you reach for a broom. It’s also great for people who live in studio apartments who need to maximize every ounce of space they can.


This holder has five spring-loaded slots that can be adjusted to fit any handle size and six retractable hooks.

Promising review: “These broom holders are amazing. We bought two (put one in our laundry room utility closet and one in our garage) and love them so much we bought a third! Super easy to install, and super easy to use. Love that there are also hooks that fold out! Keeps our long-handled items so much neater and easier to reach.” —JennN.

Get it from Amazon for $14.97.


Each five-piece set includes one tall container (2.0 qt/2.3 liters), one medium container (1.5 qt./1.7 liters), two small containers (0.9qt/1.0 liter), and one mini container (0.35qt/0.38 liter)!

Promising review: “It’s pretty enough to set on my countertops and keeps my frequently used food items close at hand. The ULTIMATE test: after finding no product out there to keep my brown sugar from clumping and hardening, I put it in one of the medium containers. It is SOFT and FRESH! I highly recommend these canisters — pretty, practical, and they WORK!” —Kristen B.

Get a five-piece set from Amazon for $29.99. (Heck, get some chalkboard labels while you’re at it.)


A stackable can rack so there’s no more blindly reaching your hand into the cabinet to feel around for the last can of chicken noodle soup.


This rack can store up to 36 cans of varying sizes!

Promising review: “This can rack organizer is a great product that makes storing cans in a cupboard so much easier. Before we had this product, we were stacking the cans in rows, which was fine but hard to see what you still had. Every time you take a can, the next can rolls to the front. This rack saves us time and space and makes our seven-can soup recipe so much easier to make. I recommend this product to anyone who stores and uses canned foods often and for those looking to improve on storage and organization of their pantry.” —Jason

Get it from Amazon for $22.97.


A scarf holder to ensure you can see your beautiful array of scarves at all times.


It can also be used to store belts, ties, or leggings.

Promising review: “This thing is amazing. I was skeptical about buying because all the other reviews had pictures with lighter, summery/spring scarves but my collection is mostly winter wear. I wasn’t sure if it would hold all my large blanket scarves, but it does. This was the perfect solution to my organization problem.” —Nikolette

Get it from Amazon for $10.47.


A six-pack of space-saving vacuum bags that’ll help you get the most out of your storage space.


Promising review: “This is a supreme product. The bags are made of thick, quality plastic. It is very easy to seal and to vacuum. I placed a dryer sheet in each sealed bag to keep the clothes smelling fresh. My closet looks so well organized, I have much more room and my winter clothes are stored safely and beautifully. I highly recommend this product.” —A.A.

Get it from Amazon for $26.99+ (available in four sizes and a variety pack).


A spice rack to keep all your seasonings organized and in view so you can quickly grab the paprika when you’re cooking along with your Tasty video tutorial.


This rack comes with 18 bottles and 48 spice labels.

Promising review: “This spice rack is just what I needed. The jars are great, and the plastic covers have holes and a bigger opening for measuring. It made my mess of a spice cabinet look great! I have them all alphabetized, which, of course, my family thinks is great. If it is not on the rack, then we need it. No more buying double because we could not see in the cabinet.” —Debra Young

Get it from Amazon for $24.97.


Promising review: “This was an amazing purchase! I transformed my bathroom from an utter mess to an organized delight that just makes my life SO much easier. I have a lot of small bathroom items (moisturizers, lotions, body sprays, etc.), and I have no drawers, so I had to find a solution. I love the smaller upper drawer; it houses small things I could never find. They’re very well made and a cinch to assemble (took me five minutes). Plus they’re really cute!” —x__tina

Get it from Amazon for $27.47.


A rustic jewelry organizer so you never lose an earring again. You can mount this organizer on your wall for a chic display, and to keep track of your ~precious~ jewels.

ArkOnTheLake / Etsy

This Ontario, Canada-based shop sells a variety of wood pieces and organizers.

Promising review: “I absolutely adore this piece. It came even better than described. The stain was just a bit darker than I had thought (Provincial) but that worked out perfectly for me. Really appreciated the detailed instructions and care in packaging. I will be buying more from this talented seller. Thank you!” —Jackie Sheriff

Get it from Ark On The Lake on Etsy for $93.65+ (available in six sizes and 12 stain/hook color options).


A storage ottoman that doubles as a bench. No one will even know that you’ve stuffed it with magazines and DVDs. All they’ll see is a chic side bench.


You can also adjust the height of the shelves!

Promising review: “Before I got this organizer/shelf, the cabinet under my kitchen sink was an absolute mess: all the cleaning supplies were piled on top of each other, there were empty grocery store bags everywhere… I would have to dive in there in order to find anything. As soon as I got this shelf, along with a stick-to-the-door bag dispenser, my cabinet made a 180. The height between shelves is perfect for tall cleaning spray bottles and whatever you want to put there. It definitely is the best organizer for places where there are pesky pipes in the way that use up valuable space.” —Ro2x

Get it from Amazon for $21.87+ (available in three colors).


A ventilated cable box for hiding your cords and preventing your pets and little ones from potential danger.


Promising review:Keeps the power strip and all the connected power cables out of sight, neat and organized. I no longer found myself stepping on or kicking the power cords on the floor. This keeps them nice and neat and out of the way.” —Mitchell Bell

Get it from Amazon for $24.97.


A bag insert that’ll help you find your keys in a matter of seconds. No more dumping out the whole bag just to find your ChapStick, either.


It’ll also be easier to move all your essentials from bag to bag.

Promising review: “This is a fabulous organizer; well-made and easy to slip in and out of various purses. Pockets are sewn nicely, and the fabric/material is just the right weight for keeping things where they belong, without a lot of shifting within the pockets. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who has a hard time staying organized or finding things in ‘the abyss’ of their purse! A place for everything, and everything in its place!” —Fire Daniels

Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in three sizes and 19 colors).


A set of foldable storage baskets for organizing your closet shelf, sliding under the bed, or using as a cubby for toys and other items.


Promising review: “These have been a lifesaver for storage! We used the whole pack to put in our closet, so we don’t have to have a dresser for things like socks, underwear, leggings, shorts, etc.” —Mother of Wildlings

Get a six-pack from Amazon for $19.99 (available in 13 colors).


Promising review: “These plastic storage baskets were perfect for my bathroom closet update. They are deep enough to hold my toiletries and other items upright. The baskets are easily cleaned, and I made cute labels to go on the front to match the clean look that these bins gave overall. They are sturdy and can be transferred easily from shelf to shelf.” —L. Basford

Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in three sizes and two colors).


A pot lid rack and pan organizer rack so you can avoid all those clanging noises every time you reach for a pan to make mac ‘n’ cheese.


Promising review: “This product may have saved our marriage! A simple solution to a complex problem. Our cabinet that held the pans and lids turned into an avalanche of despair every time we wanted to use a pan. We gave up on trying to find the correct lid. Now we have a simple stack of pans in the cabinet with biggest on the bottom and smallest on top with their corresponding lids hanging in the same order from the door on this nifty organizer. My wife is still wondering what to do with the extra time and lack of stress every time she goes to grab a pan or lid.” —AmosJK

Get them from Amazon: the lid rack for $11.99 and the pan rack for $15.87 (available in two colors).


A purse organizer to keep your crossbody bags, totes, and clutches off the floor. You can hang it in your closet or on your door.

LeSacBag / Etsy

LeSacBag is an online shop that sells a variety of handbags, purses, and other fashion accessories.

Promising review: “Definitely gets the job done, I had my purses tossed in a box and they were beginning to warp, this has literally saved them from anymore of my negligent behavior.” —keishila

Get it from LeSacBag on Etsy for $9.99 (available in two colors).


A set of custom vinyl clips that’ll clamp onto storage baskets to keep track of what’s inside, even if you can’t actually see what’s inside.

TheLittlestPantry / Etsy

The Littlest Pantry is a small shop in Spanaway, Washington that wants to help you get your pantry in the best shape by providing products to help you organize.

Promising review: “These clips and custom labels are the cutest, easiest way to dress up a closet or pantry. Shipped quickly and installed in no time at all. Highly recommend these when trying to dress up a dull closet/storage area.” —capeters

Get it from TheLittlestPantry on Etsy for $35+ (Available in sets of five and two color options).

Explaining your new wave of organization to your friends:


Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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