8 Ways To Always Stay True To Yourself In Every Situation


Let your true self shine through! ⭐


Take time to reflect by yourself.

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We can be easily influenced by a variety of outside forces, so it’s important to spend time with JUST yourself. What things actually make you happy? What values do you hold close? What have you learned in life and what do you want from it? Ask yourself these questions when there is no one else around to insert their opinion.


Find a positive affirmation that speaks to you.

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Whether it’s song lyrics, a poem, or even a single sentence, select some inspiring words that build you up and motivate you to love yourself. Now, say it out loud. Say it again! If there is ever a situation where you start to doubt yourself, you can turn to this affirmation to remind yourself to stay true to who you are.


Try to accept your imperfections.

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Remember, human beings are complicated and we are certainly not meant to be perfect. Your flaws are just as much a part of you as your strengths. Try to accept that they exist and to simply see them as just another piece of the unique person that you are. Learning to embrace your whole self is learning to embrace your true self!


Be honest! With others and yourself.

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Shout it from the rooftops: YOUR OPINION MATTERS! Even if it’s as silly as you don’t like ranch dressing. You are allowed to have that opinion and you are definitely allowed to share it even if people don’t agree with you.


Own and learn from your mistakes.

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We’ve all done things we are not proud of, but here’s the thing, those mistakes are a part of your journey, and you WILL make more. Navigating difficult moments can be when we learn the most about our core selves and values. But there’s no need to beat yourself up over things. Who cares that you made a mistake? So has literally every person ever!


Put yourself first.

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Guess what? Prioritizing your own needs does not make you selfish. There’s a difference between caring about what others want and letting other’s wants affect you. If you feel too tired to go to dinner, don’t go to dinner. If you don’t have the mental capacity to give advice to a friend, ask if you can catch up with them later. Start giving yourself permission to put your needs first.


Stop comparing to others.

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We’ve been conditioned to compare ourselves to other people our whole lives: our siblings, our friends, even celebrities. But being different is a beautiful and amazing thing! Everyone has a unique life path with multiple experiences that have brought them to where they are now, so if you are dictating your life based on how other people are living theirs, you’re really not living at all.


Surround yourself with people who love the true you!

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If there is someone in your life who brings you down or makes you feel ashamed or uncomfortable about who you are, it’s time to say goodbye! There are people out there who will love and accept you for exactly who you are.

What ways do you embrace your true self? Share in the comments below!

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