1. Onepercentlessworse_ says

    Line judge knows what’s up.

  2. TirelessGuardian says

    Spread it as they are doing the event? Seems dangerous

  3. Turbulent_Dot1017 says

    Wait….where is the holup?

  4. since1700 says

    **Last wish must be honoured.**

  5. GeoffCurry says

    Grind my bones to powder and mix that powder into the foam pad in women’s long jump

  6. SahandEm says


  7. kakalemefurk says

    That brother is starvin

  8. VideoGamerEgor says

    Lost redditor or shit redditor

  9. TheBrav3LittleToastr says

    Really tho… watching these athletic girls with their monster legs… they’re quite sexy… but you better always be on your best behavior… one long jump kick to the head, and you’re fucking toast!!

  10. KristianGdG says

    Why are women always so scantily clad in sports though? Like, fair enough if it’s completely their own choice, but it kinda seems like it’s a requirement, and if that’s the case, men should either be required to run around in Speedos or women should be allowed to put more clothes on

  11. clitYeastJuice says

    Doesn’t look like long jump, she’s put her whole fist in the sand & in a different position.

  12. ZenkaiZ says

    guile is not quite the family man I thought he was

  13. DankFo3ta5 says

    Even if I were ashes she’d still land on a pole

  14. memes4eve says


  15. NMFlamez says

    Shame on you Guile. I thought you were a “family man”

  16. ilovemymom_tbh says

    not a holup

  17. bigsean102 says

    Before COVID I used to rake sand during the track meets at my university. This reminds me of how good I had it 🙁

  18. noxiousarmy says

    Even in death he simps

  19. AltruisticSalamander says

    idk women’s longjump pants were so sexy

  20. Str1_ says

    Spreads ashes in the sand pit during men’s long jump

  21. Ice_Oxyacetylene says

    In the words of Mutahar, this guy is down bad galactically

  22. fivealarmchicken says

    Lol this reminds me of that scene in Family Guy where Quagmire was thrilled that he was reincarnated as a condom…only to realize he was being used for gay sex. Lmao.

  23. MarylynnMcghee says

    That is too funny

  24. PediatricTactic says

    All those people and not a single one willing to help that poor lady find her contact lens!

  25. Dan_stingboi_Kerr says

    Just spread my ashes in her ass cheeks

  26. TH4_Retrof says


  27. victoriasecretagent says

    Instructions unclear. Ashes ended up in a sumo ring!

  28. ClaudeJRdL says

    Pretty sure there are standards for those sand pits.

  29. KodenSounds says

    Please can we take a moment to appreciate the ?Dutch? word for comments is “Reacties”

  30. Narendra_17 says

    Where That judge is lookin, ehh!

  31. DooDoo_FanBoy says

    (Insert Shrek meme): yea like that’s ever gonna happen

  32. blunt__nation says

    I watched that same video and laughed at that comment just yesterday.

    I’m down astronomically. It’s not even a joke anymore.

  33. Michishige_Ren says

    Haha I just saw this comment on yt 2 days ago.

  34. Aegontarg07 says

    Let me be the line judge

  35. exuberant_lad says


  36. sweet_pee_ says

    What a feast for the line judge’s eyes

  37. Chief_Scrub says

    World: “stop sexualizing woman in videogames!”

    Meanwhile in every womans sports ever: “you must wear this for… beter airflow that’s it”

  38. JavveRinne says

    big dong energy

  39. With_Peace_and_Love_ says

    Why do they have to wear thongs to jump further?

  40. MurderDoneRight says

    I want to be cast into a resin dildo and be passed down through generations

  41. Lost_in_math says

    “Here lies the ashes of Dan Fors, a disgusting creepy man even past his last breath.”

  42. ComeWashMyBack says

    “Oh, yeah spread it!”

  43. its_a_me_luigii says

    Source? 😉

  44. HatefulDave42069 says

    Do men in this sport wear those type of pants as well?

  45. ishyman says

    It’s like reading comments from 60 year old married men

  46. Zaid880 says

    Where nudes

  47. khaLnaY2k says

    “If I die” mah man seems to have hope

  48. ELLIB14 says


  49. Hunter265376 says

    Granted, but it will also be left on for the men’s long jump after

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