1. ReusablePorn says

    That’s a lot of water!

  2. International_XT says

    It’s obviously sped up, but I wonder by how much.

  3. kissmysarcasm says


  4. TonkaTown says


  5. Ratzo91 says

    Wow…would have loved to be there to experience that

  6. Traf-Gib says

    Looks like when a firefighting aircraft dumps the load on a forest fire.

  7. buttnuggs4269 says

    There’s lakes in Australia???

  8. Blewedup says

    When you gotta go you gotta go.

  9. DanMardik says

    It’s crazy how much water clouds hold.

  10. 7simin says

    Wooow amazing video

  11. buttnuggs4269 says

    Oh fuck lol oooooppppS

  12. tonzeejee says


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