1. ludwignotfound says

    America’s ass should always be the highlight of a Cap suit

  2. _-__-__-__-__-_-_-__ says

    One of many scenes cut due to COVID

  3. pac42 says

    You forgot the best part. If the wakandans base the suit off Bucky’s design, that implies that Bucky is responsible for the return of redwing.

  4. capta1ncluele55 says

    Reminds me of Sokka drawing “blueprints” for submarines

  5. Aryaras99 says

    Is Bucky gonna have a bromance with every generation of Captain America?

  6. trustifarian says

    Bucky: So Ayo, did you ever see Scott and Hope in action?

    Ayo: Who?

    Bucky: Scott and Hope…ugh… Antman and The Wasp. Remember from that little get-together a few years ago that turned into a bit of a tussle? You know how she has wings and he doesn’t so she needs to carry him…

  7. Gunnrhildr says
  8. ItsLordPistachio says

    This made my day.

  9. A_Silvers_1997 says

    Their artist friend left and this is the best they can do.

  10. dtn_06 says

    >no helmet he likes to feel the wind

    That makes sense now lol

  11. Shadesmctuba says

    I fucking love this.

  12. Builder_liz says

    Angelic booty

  13. crazy0utlaw123 says

    This is cute. Its now officially cannon

  14. SirCrocodile14 says

    To quote our new Captain America from one of the hilarious interviews he and Sebastian Stan are always involved in “ You haven’t ever seen a tree without a trunk have ya?”

  15. Dona_Gloria says

    lolll I like how Bucky’s kinda looking over her shoulder, judging her reaction.

  16. StormeSurge says

    bucky: i know i know it looks like a child drew it

    ayo: no child in wakanda draws like this

  17. captainamericaVEVO says

    Artist is Ngozi Ukazu. She is a black comic artist and a Yale graduate. Go support her LGBT hockey comic. Her Kickstarter is live now.

  18. ProgrammerDouble1737 says

    this is canon

  19. ThatWasFred says

    They’re not angel wings – they’re BALD EAGLE wings! He’s Captain America!

  20. Prometheus79 says

    Canon accepted.

  21. ohdearsweetlord says

    Yeah this does seem like literally what happened.

  22. ube1kenobi says

    i now need anthony and sebastian to see this. then I want to see anthony’s response hahaha

  23. everadvancing says

    no helmet (he likes to feel the wind and have busted eardrums from the altitude pressure)

  24. MasterAlcander says

    ass must look good, because thats americas ass

  25. Toidal says

    I’m pretty sure the design is just based on Wakandan anthropologists approximations of American culture and representation

    Essentially they concluded that we’re really loud and ostentatious, and decided the design suited us.

  26. IG-3000 says

    Awww 😂

  27. Houeclipse says

    The me arrows pointing to Bucky is the best part

  28. redditdesam says

    This is so cute omfg

  29. RiotsoOP says

    I’m curious though. Me and a friend have been debating this – is Sam’s suit vibranium or not?

  30. kibbysmom says

    I like how he signed it, JB, just in case someone else tried to take credit

  31. EDDiE_SP4GHETTi says

    This is canon

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