1. logmans says

    Full image if anyone wants it



  2. Obh__ says

    Why is shit like this the only thing that makes me laugh anymore

  3. lisathedumbfuck says

    what year is it?

  4. Ham_thing says

    Mfw I see a large pair of breasts

  5. ShulShel says

    >after lunch

    so ınnapropıate 😦

  6. Nazgobai says


  7. BaxterLeFermier says

    Looks like a Glasgow Scale, it’s used to evaluate the level of counciousness of patients.

  8. Realistic_Ad3795 says

    My wife had a hemorrhage about 11 years back (she’s mostly fine now, some lingering hemiplegia on the right, but speech is fine and she can get around mostly with a cane). She was 6 days in ICU and then almost 30 in an inpatient therapy unit, and I was there for most of it, including pretty much all of the ICU part.

    It was quite the education on the brain, including two specific memories:

    1. When asked what year it was as she was coming in from ambulance to the ER, she responded “Jim Carrey” and you could tell by her eyes that she knew that was wrong. She still jokes about that one when she doesn’t know the answer to any question.
    2. She went speechless for 2 days, but once she started a little again, they started asking the same questions… What year is it? Where do you live? Are you married? Do you have kids? Each time they asked her (daily), she slowly moved forward in time (first answer was sometime in the mid 60s, then the late 70s, finally to present on the last day of ICU).
    The amazing part was that, for each year she gave, the remaining answers were absolutely correct for that year. This included moving around the country, being previously married, and naming only the children she had in a given year. The doctor would ask me if she was correct, and I’d always say, “for the year she gave, yes those are correct” and clarify what the correct answer would have been for today. This detail was useful for the doctors get a feel for how the blood was receding and how her brain was finding new pathways.

    That was the most interesting part about the stress of those 30 days was basically being a witness to WATCHING a brain reconnect itself slowly over time. Simply fascinating how it works.

  9. chaotic-prince says


  10. gero_the_hero_ says

    *I had broken out of my time machine and began frantically looking around at the jungles that surrounded me and my device. I see a hairy fellow, almost naked, with a spear in hand, apparently trying to catch some fish in a nearby river. In vain hope of establishing communication, I approach the man slowly.*

    You, sir, what year is it?

    *This man looked at me, at first jumping back frightened, then evidently becoming confused, and finally curious as he began to slowly walk towards me. As he neared me, he opened his mouth said something that will haunt me for the remainder of my life:*


    *At this moment, I knew the time machine had worked, but I had travelled so far behind that not yet a single world language developed, rendering all speech effectively incomprehensible. With the setting to travel forwards haven broken beyond repair during the travel, I knew then I was doomed.*

    *Yet, I see this as an opportunity. Perhaps I can reverse the course of history in this moment; instead of this prompting a forwards progression in the evolution of mankind, I can perhaps find some way stop and reverse it. I will save myriads of generations to follow by telling the tale of the burdensome mistake to bestow nature that will be mankind. I will warn them, by any means possible. I will return to monke.*

  11. KevlarYarmulke says

    [Full image of the Glasgow Coma Scale](https://i.imgur.com/iyWhAWJ.jpg)

  12. val_tina96 says


  13. Automatic_Delay_659 says

    since when can white people say the A word, even with the soft a?

  14. babakushnow says

    I disagree . In my language awaga means “go to war”

  15. tjson2206 says

    What year is it?…


  16. TheSkirtGirl says

    forget gumwaa have aawagga


    Holy shit this is from a nursing school textbook. I’ve literally laughed at this in class before.

  18. Chris_thememegod says

    Americans finding other complicated ways to measure units be like:

  19. Lesurous says

    Surprised this hasn’t been linked. https://youtu.be/TxST48nqMH8

  20. LVtheFirst says


  21. FandomTrash198787 says


  22. Doja-Fett says

    OwA A A A

  23. ToMaszuu says


  24. dubstepsickness says

    Call the Bondulance!

  25. Italian_Devil says

    pshchkchhshi kchahhsch

  26. Mikula_Yoohoo says


  27. user42069x says


  28. TofanEnder_memer says


  29. ArthusRen says

    Tis the year of the Orks apparently

  30. CeeArthur says

    Damn, I had a seizure a few weeks ago and I swear for the first week afterwards I was talking like this. I had to talk really slow and carefully or else the nurses didn’t understand me

  31. Baby24Karat says

    i don’t remember this episode of Twin Peaks: The Return

  32. knucklehead_89 says

    I though it was giving examples for syntax vs semantic errors

  33. Partnumber says

    Aawagga! Get up come on get down with the sicknesses.

  34. AsymptoticAbyss says

    Science diagrams that look like shitposts

  35. IntentionMost4972 says

    Ain’t that jay z’s mouth

  36. Craig_the_Intern says

    i love speech

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