1. Srakin says

    The first time I heard this guy’s name was when they first announced no more dedicated servers in the lead up for MW2. My opinion of him started shit, and has only gotten worse. The man is an absolute cancer to ~~the games industry~~ the world.

    Thanks, u/SpaceHuskyZero

  2. Baronfuming says

    An amount of the money that people waste on loot boxes ends up in one of his accounts.

  3. Master_Shake23 says

    And nothing will change. The dude has been raking in money on backs of studios for years, and despite opposition nothing changes. Numbers are up due to Covid, and he will claim its because of his skills. He’s currently bleeding Blizzard dry without repricussions.

  4. Theoh-Mack says

    List of Studios Activision acquired and sucked dry:

    Sierra Entertainment,
    Shaba Games,
    Red Octane,
    Underground Development,
    Budcat Creations,
    7 Studios,
    Bizarre Creations,
    Radical Entertainment

    Blizzard was the pinnacle of PC gaming studios. I don’t know if it will get ran completely dry like the above, but it’s such a far cry of what it used to be. It really isn’t the same thing anymore. Their player retention is a joke at this point.

  5. Muesli_nom says

    Just overheard in my gaming group a few days ago: “Yeah, I spent 70€ on the special edition for BC. Well, I won’t use the boost because I love leveling, and the mount is hideous – but, y’know, I want to support the developers.”

    Yeah, nothing’s gonna change. One’s born every minute, I guess.

  6. megasean3000 says

    Remember when the then CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, took a pay cut to make sure his staff were still well paid after the Wii U wasn’t doing too good? This guy, Bobby Kotick is the direct antithesis of Iwata. If the exact same situation were happening with Activision (I pray for the day), Kotick would ask for more money at the expense of his staff, or even fire them outright. The guy is a weasel of the highest order. If there was a man who is the personification of the Deadly Sin of Greed, it would be Kotick.

  7. wisdomwithage says

    Don’t buy games from his companies. It’s the only solution.

    At this point, some dullard on this always chimes in with “voting with your wallet doesn’t work” to which I say, yes it bloody does. The money is in MY wallet, not Bobby Kotick’s. After that, it’s not my problem. Don’t care if others want to keep buying his companies games, let them. I’m not making a political statement and I don’t expect change. I’ll simply spend my money on one of the thousands of other games made by companies not attached to shit head publishers.

  8. XeernOfTheLight says

    He is also skin-crawlingly bad with pictures. He always looks like a clown with no makeup.

  9. cloudsheep0 says

    >This year, the board of directors of Activision Blizzard amended and extended CEO Robert Kotick’s employment agreement through March 2023. While the terms of the extension represent a pay reduction for Mr. Kotick, the extension is too short to significantly impact his total pay for an extended time.

    >Shareholders should oppose both the “Say-On-Pay” proposal and the reelection of the chair of the Compensation Committee for the following reasons:

    >The Compensation Committee did not address longstanding shareholder concerns about
    executive pay practices at Activision by extending CEO Kotick’s contract by less than two years.
    Given the repeated opposition to CEO Kotick’s pay over the years, shareholders should expect to
    see a long-term reform of his compensation over a greater period than merely one year.

    >The CEO’s 2021 equity award will accelerate at maximum payout level leaving most of the
    compensation reductions to apply to only one full year, 2022, and as such may only cover the
    equity award for next year

    >**Mr. Kotick’s short employment agreement extension combined with the effects of the Shareholder Value Creation Incentive essentially renders the new equity compensation reductions moot.**

    > Because the contract extension is only until the end of March 2023,
    **the only full year for which Mr. Kotick will see a meaningful equity pay reduction is 2022**. In other words, the extension is not long enough to represent an earnest effort by the Compensation Committee to reduce the CEO’s outsized equity pay over a sustained period. The Compensation Committee is silent about its long-term incentive approach after March 2023.

    Full document here:


  10. garlicroastedpotato says

    CtW Investment Group isn’t an investment firm like most. They’re known as “stocktivists” and they take donations to purchase some shares (not a lot) of companies so that they can join in on earnings calls and annual stock holder meetings.

    They don’t care if the company makes profit or if the other investors make a return. They don’t care whether the company is run well.

    All they care about is reducing the earnings of CEOs and executives of companies and target companies that will help them get headlines.

    The headline more proper would be like “Anti-CEO Compensation Group Says CEO Makes Too Much.”

  11. Mortanius says

    Blame dumb customers who pay full price for a game and then pay more shit ton of money on surprise mechanics.

    And they do that every single year.

  12. ClairevoyantSlime says

    Bobby Cockwit is a fucker the world could really do without entirely

  13. Plus-Reaction-5316 says

    This guy really is a parasite.

  14. BS_BlackScout says

    YASSSSS NEW COD GAME LETS GOOOO. Probably half of the gaming community or more.

    Nobody gives a shit.

  15. BraincellReplacer says

    Kotig means shitty in German

    That is all.

  16. CancerConPatas says

    One of the most biggest RATS of the industry

  17. Goldstein_Goldberg says

    This guy is and looks like such an asshole.

  18. Dragon_yum says

    I don’t like what activision has become but he is consistently make a lot of money for the shareholders which is why he gets paid so much.

  19. AuxNimbus says

    Bobby looks like Santa’s elf.

  20. SpaceCowboyDark says

    He’s a real piece of shit.

  21. Infinite01 says

    Now that’s the face of someone who truly does not give a fuck about video games.

  22. saintex422 says

    Him and his fake job should not exist.

  23. __Not__the__NSA__ says

    As do all CEOs

  24. Duk3-87 says

    In other breaking news: scientists discovered the Earth spins!

  25. CollarBrilliant8947 says

    Hmm…That’s awful. Better cut a few more people from Blizzard.

  26. DrMarioPharmD says

    From Molyneux and Romero to Kotick, Howard, and (shudder) Pitchford. The public face in charge of an unseen army of brilliant but abused devs always seems to be a villain. So often those drawn to management are the least qualified to do so.

    Phenomenal talent and labor wasted because your boss is a jerk and rallies people to boycott the whole company.

  27. CrockettDiedRunning says

    All CEOs get paid way too much, it’s a cancer

  28. ecxetra says

    All executives are paid too much.

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