[Adam Stern] ESPN earned a 0.6 rating and 956,000 viewers for Sunday’s race in Azerbaijan, making it the largest for the Baku event since it started in ’16 and the most-watched F1 contest this season. ESPN says it’s up 36% from 2019 for F1 viewership (from 672K to 911K).


[Adam Stern] ESPN earned a 0.6 rating and 956,000 viewers for Sunday’s race in Azerbaijan, making it the largest for the Baku event since it started in ’16 and the most-watched F1 contest this season. ESPN says it’s up 36% from 2019 for F1 viewership (from 672K to 911K).

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  1. BradyReas says

    I’m in Oregon and my brother and I woke up at 5 am to watch this race. Glad we did

  2. Frankie_48 says

    Netflix really is doing bits for the US audience. Before the show came out, I knew absolutely no friends or classmates that watched or even knew what F1 was. Now over the past year, I’ve had countless questions about the cars, certain races, drivers, etc. While the show can be a bit cheesy and over the top with some shit, I’m sure Liberty Media is loving what they’re seeing.

  3. Necessary-Ad5410 says

    A lot of people here mistaking correlation for causation here. This season is turning into a classic, but the increasing number viewers didn’t know that when they started. It’s 4+ years of Liberty, 3 seasons of DtS, 9 years of Cota – this isn’t a 6-race overnight success story, this is the result of a lot of hard work, effort, and money spent.

    Also the increase in viewers should be seen in the context of YoY increase, not total US viewers, and in relation to Motorsport viewership, not total TV viewership. You don’t look at total number of Americans when determining your potential market share.

  4. glenn1812 says

    A 36% bump in viewership. That’s massive

    Gasly was right the Americans are talking over

  5. doublednf says

    viewing ship in brazil has something like quintupled with them going on free to air again.

    in the sao paulo tv market alone something like 4 mil watched the race in monaco

  6. bucket113 says

    Smells like a COTA double header to me

  7. Fernandofan2008 says

    Interesting season which has seen 6 teams on the podium and a close title battle does wonders.

    Only took 9 years for it to happen again so I’m not surprised viewing figures are up.

  8. pigoath says

    I think it’s Drive to Survive.

    I started in 2020 but prior to that i knew about formula 1 and what it was and senna but didn’t watch it since I lived in a third world country and it wasn’t accesible to me if I didn’t have cable tv and the package to watch it. I moved to the states and happened to jump on a YouTube video about it and went on a binge and discovered Lando and Carlos shenanigans which were really funny and from there I ended up subscribing, playing the games, building a PC to play with a wheel, got my wheel and pedals (g923), owning a rainjacket from Mercedes.

    I like this sport. 🙂

    Waking up on early Sundays before church excited about what could happen!

  9. Lord_Vaguery says

    I’m from U.S. and DTS got me back into it and got me familiar enough with new drivers to feel comfortable watching races again. Plus once Honda aligned with Redbull I was all in from then on.

  10. lilpumps_cousin says

    for an 8 am est. start time as well. I was up at 5 am for this so worth it. Only a matter of time before these races get 1 million viewers in America

  11. thecoller says

    Almost as if not having ads every 3 minutes -cutting right in the middle of an interesting battle- improves the viewer’s experience

  12. Friend-Beast says

    I don’t suppose there’s any source which also accounts for American F1TV viewers? I’ve never watched F1 on cable.

  13. TC021002 says

    In general the ratings for Motorsports in the USA seem to be doing well recently, the past few Nascar races have seen viewership increases compared to those same races last year/2019, including Darlington about a month ago which was was the most watched cable race since 2017, also the Indy 500 had good viewership last week and was the most viewed since 2016 I believe

  14. platyhooks says

    Here are NASCAR’s [ratings](https://tobychristie.com/nascar-cup-series-tv-ratings/). Look at where NASCAR was just 10 years ago never mind it’s golden age 20 years ago. Motorsports are pretty down in US beside signature events. Getting growth is a big thing.
    There is a reason NASCAR implemented stage racing and now dirt tracks. They are trying to drive up interest. F1 showing growth is a good sign.

  15. AggravatingSpirit192 says

    Yea thanks Netflix!!!!

  16. MattytheWireGuy says

    Thank Mothers for no commercials!

    Buy some soap or wax from them to show your appreciation. If it wasnt for them sponsoring it and we ended up with the broadcasts you get from Fox or NBC, Id probably pirate the races and stream em on my PC.

  17. Luka_Dunks_on_Bums says

    All the other subreddits that are not dedicated to F1 that I find talking about F1 is amazing. Also, Netflix has helped them a lot.

  18. alreadytaken17 says

    They can thank Netflix for this.

  19. SyuusukeFuji says

    Meanwhile, ESPN LatAm South: “What if we air the same tennis match in 2/3 channels?”.

  20. commence_suckdown says

    I see this more and more in my daily life, where in the US I’ve seen many more casual fans of the sport than ever before. I’ve been watching since 2013, when NBCSN first started broadcasting in the US. The fact that I now see other people at the grocery store wearing a Red Bull racing shirt or something is such a great feeling, whereas before I had to explain what F1 was I know feel there are a lot more people who at least know about it here in the States.

  21. the_og_buck says

    Tbh as an American I’ve just started watching F1 because of netflix and I’m not sorry about it.

  22. EliteFlite says

    This is what happens when you actually market yourself.

  23. Echo5Kilo says

    I’d be willing to bet Drive To Survive had a huge impact on this. I’ve had so many of my friends start talking to me about Formula One because they watched the series on Netflix and now they’re fans when they had little interest before.

  24. ImNotRice says

    All those viewers and they still cut out the podium to show a stupid advertisement for “Mother’s Polish.”

  25. m0ther3208 says

    Thank you drive to survive

  26. AbeFroman21 says

    American here and I just started watching F1 this year after binging DTS. I realize there’s some sensationalism with the show but this season (actual racing, not Netflix) has been incredible so far and every bit as thrilling as I hoped. I look forward to waking up early to watch all the practice sessions during the week and weekend!

  27. mikey4goalie says

    Drive to Survive is why I now follow F1. It was a great way to get up to speed on the sport. Now I can’t stop.

    Shout out to Shift F1 and the WTF1 Podcasts too for making the season more entertaining.

  28. modernvoyager- says

    Pretty amazing given start time was 5am in the morning on the west coast (where I am)

  29. I_Hate_Wake_Boats49 says

    I live in NC which is practically NASCAR Mecca, but it’s also where Haas F1 is based. I really think Haas as well as Zak Brown have done more for getting Americans into F1 than they realize or at least in North Carolinians. In the past week I saw a guy wearing a Daniel Riccardo McLaren shirt, another guy wearing a Haas F1 shirt, and had a guy next to me in a waiting room was watching race highlights.

  30. ChicagoBoy2011 says

    F1 has everything to succeed in the hands of capable media hands. The product is good, the storylines are compelling, and it is ABSOLUTELY a sport made for a world for second and third screens. NASCAR is pushing more heavily into road racing, and I have to wonder how much some of other series might worry F1 will make a serious play to steal fans in the American market.

  31. rcrabtr2 says

    New fan of Formula 1 here – I started watching as a result of the Netflix series. I got into the back stories of each driver and became significantly more invested in the sport as a result. I would think this is a factor as well?

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