1. silenceinthismeyham says

    So my fear of driving behind such a load is not irrational after all.

  2. djnehi says

    You may now shit your pants.

  3. rekt_ralph91 says

    Does insurance cover this? Like is there some ‘Final Destination’ clause, that states if you somehow manage to escape finals clutches, you get a million dollars?

    Edit: Even though I would’ve walked away unscathed, albeit with jelly legs, I still would’ve had to have been taken to the hospital because of the massive rectal trauma from the bricks I just shat.

  4. julie_161 says

    I have a very original thought that I would like to share with all of you…


  5. jcub7 says

    Every time I see one of these trucks on the road I think of final destination and immediately get the fuck away from it

  6. babbchuck says

    Ugh – pretty sure the windshield hit the log, not the other way around.

  7. Olivejuice81666 says


  8. I_Ergot_My_Pencil says

    I wonder how much shits in the driver’s pants

  9. keanenottheband says

    Thank you to everyone adding to the video/conversation by saying “Final Destination”. I don’t think the guy saying it in the video was enough

  10. DanielTigerr says

    More like windshield hit tree.

  11. Bikebummm says

    Unless that truck backed into the van this was a windshield hitting a tree

  12. raventhrowaway666 says

    This person clearly never saw Final Destination.

  13. HunterShotBear says

    Looks to me like the windshield hit the tree

  14. Aztecah says

    Please note that the van here seems to have collided with the log sticking out of the slowed/stopped truck, rear ending it. The log did not fly off Final Destination style lol

  15. TonyNevada1 says

    All signs point to the truck being stopped and the person behind not seeing the log sticking straight out d/t being straight towards it

  16. JTHM115 says

    That USAA add playing in the background just made this all the more awsome.

  17. Abberzz says

    *sigh* they don’t make cars like they used to. The trunk is supposed to be in the back not front of the car, even I know that.

  18. amazingsandwiches says

    maybe don’t tailgate?

  19. Tank-Pilot74 says

    I just stopped by to see how many *final destination* references there were… spoiler alert… a lot!

  20. DivisonNine says

    I’m not saying I’m religious but if this happened to me it would be a pretty big motivator lmao

  21. aontachtai says

    Perhaps pay attention whilst driving behind lorries. Clearly drove into the back of it.

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