1. rsmith2112 says

    Why can’t castlevania swim?

  2. rkroll17 says

    I miss miiverse

  3. Cianmc6 says

    I go about my day asking myself the same question.

  4. iFMezmurr says

    his name is clearly Meteoroid 🙄🙄

  5. WinterKing975 says

    She’s dummy thick and the size of her ass prevents her from moving through the tight gap

  6. Emmx2039 says

    Man I miss this so much. Loved the art that’d get posted. It was honestly impressive.

  7. eCockpit89 says

    Top 10 Questions Science Still Can’t Answer.

  8. bunkdiggidy says

    His name is Sam Usaran!

  9. JPardonFX_YT says

    Why can’t a turtle swim?

  10. NikolaiCello05 says

    Oh but metroid can crawl! Reject humanoid shape, return to ball!

  11. NPClay says

    Ah yes just like calling Link “Zelda”🤣

  12. Whilst-dicking says

    pauly send in the boulder

  13. decanter says

    nice water

  14. PleaseToEatAss says

    man in metroid suit

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