1. ForgottenRager says

    Look like my grandpa at 3AM going to the fridge

  2. EveningMaximum2705 says

    Albino….or hairless?? Huge naked mole rat

  3. AelizaW says

    Poor guy is pretty sunburned

  4. Scrotal_abrasion says

    It kind of reminds me of the Pinky Demon from the original *Doom*.

  5. banditch_ says

    It’s BIG, SCARY and PINK

  6. hat-of-sky says

    They need to put a whole lotta sunscreen on that poor fella!

  7. Berna-Roz says

    Big ol’ thicc boi. Damn.

  8. Efficient-Task6577 says

    That’s nuts

  9. weII_then says

    A nice reminder that most animals are naked.

  10. KingEagle45 says

    Is that where strawberry milk comes from?

  11. Yoguls says

    That nutsack though!

  12. 8ell0 says

    That white skin sun burn is real lol

  13. Saber_tooth81 says

    Is it just me or is anyone else just staring at his massive nuts?

  14. Bubba2Zero says

    Its a strawberry milk cow. Knew they existed.

  15. AmadSeason says


  16. TurdFergusen25 says

    That gotta be uncomfortable with those bowling balls swinging between his legs….

  17. davidowof says

    A poor guys, seems like he’s really sunburnt

  18. BenjaminWobbles says

    Is he sunburned?

  19. Novaleah88 says

    …you could make a religion out of this

  20. pape14 says

    I hate seeing animals led by a nose ring like that. Like this clearly isn’t it’s home they are just parading it around.

  21. Kayakityak says

    So, uh…. I’m guessing its a male albino buffalo

  22. Therealsuperman04 says

    That is the biggest pig with horns I have ever seen!

  23. BondraP says

    Looks like a giant scrotum with horns

  24. Greesyy says

    So that’s where redbull comes from

  25. UncleBeausTooth says

    glued horns on a hippo. smdh

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