1. eshemuta says

    Be alright I suppose, if the alternative was hanging around on a burning oil rig

  2. finewhatl says

    This is the level of perfection I tried to achieve with empty shower gel bottles in the bathtub when I was a kid.

  3. Danbury_Collins says

    Tell me again about the fire – how bad is it really ?

  4. [deleted] says


  5. starving_to_death says

    If they laid down some toilet paper before dropping it in there would be less splash.

  6. dicklord_airplane says


  7. huxley75 says

    I’d rather be in that – and survive – versus waiting for Rose to move her bitch ass over while I freeze to death.

  8. pfresh331 says

    I’m a merchant mariner and that’s and emergency escape life boat. You board it and it launches away. Popular for many reasons primarily it launches instantly and gets you away from whatever is going wrong with your vessel. Pray to God you never have to use it because that means you’re abandoning ship, which isn’t something that happens unless it’s a really bad emergency where you’re safer in that thing at sea than on the vessel.

  9. Callamy says

    Different when there’s ~~weight~~ people in it

  10. White_Power_Ranger says

    /u/Gifreversingbot !!!

  11. rjand13 says

    I’m guessing seat belts aren’t optional?

  12. CompMolNeuro says

    The USS Parkour

  13. twitchwanker says

    I’m a 33 year old man. I don’t know if I was brainwashed in the 90s, but when that thing is upside down. All I see is the Nickelodeon blimp.

  14. NorthMcCormick says

    I can only hear the “WHOooaAaAoooOoOohHhh” sounds the futurama cast makes when they do maneuvers like that

  15. mcm0313 says

    Am I the only one who thinks that looks like fun?

  16. morbihann says

    This happens because in orderfor the boat to function properly it needs people or ballast. If it is empty you get that.

  17. er1catwork says

    Here’s a view from inside:


  18. occamsshavingkit says

    Aaaaaand this is why you strap in upon entry and take a seasickness pill ASAP.

  19. weisertomorrow says

    That looks…. FUNNER THAN SHIIIIT

  20. healyjr says

    But did you die?

  21. dtrumpler says

    9.25 on the dive but I’ll have to deduct points for the splash

  22. zedworth says

    Do they strap you in like a rollercoaster inside?

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