All Cars Should Have Been Hybrids By Now: With Ford’s announcement of a $20,000 hybrid pick-up truck that may get up to 40 miles per gallon, it is obvious automakers could have done a lot more to reduce emissions.


All Cars Should Have Been Hybrids By Now: With Ford’s announcement of a $20,000 hybrid pick-up truck that may get up to 40 miles per gallon, it is obvious automakers could have done a lot more to reduce emissions.

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  1. tubulerz1 says

    Ford has made a plug in hybrid since 2003. It’s called C Max and the body is very much like a Focus or Escape. Only available in Europe and NZ initially. They started selling them in the US in 2012 and I bought one in 2013 (still driving it). The discontinued all of them in 2019 as they’re planning to release next gen models.

  2. theferalturtle says

    Or or or…. hear me out… hellcat engines in all commuter cars.

  3. plummbob says

    ITT: people want a carbon tax but can’t articulate it

  4. Mythrol says

    I’m all for Ford doing this because hopefully it will mean people who want a truck but don’t actually need a truck can still get the look they want while still helping be more environmentally friendly.

    Im very interested in this technology for a full sized truck and to see what type of load capacity / tow ability it will come with. I won’t be able to switch to a full Electric truck for my business because of the limited mileage and a lack of swappable batteries / quick charge but a hybrid that provides enough load and tow would be something that I’d be very interested in.

  5. Lasshandra2 says

    Also, there should have been financial incentives to buy hybrids.

    When I bought a Prius in 2013, I knew full well the purchase price would only pay off/break even in saved fuel costs if/when gasoline prices rose above $5 per gallon.

    It cost me extra to consume less fuel. Only tree-hugging jerks like me are going to be willing to spend more for consuming less fossil fuel.

    Going green is still a luxury. It shouldn’t be!

  6. Severed_Snake says

    I am holding onto my 2007 Honda Accord as long as possible. I have to drive about 100 miles roundtrip each workday so to me it makes no sense to buy a new car just to run up the miles on it. I’m hoping my car which currently has about 175k miles on it will last until at least 300k which will get me another 6 years before I have to replace it.

    By then hopefully hybrid and electric cars will have come down some in price so I can pick up something used for not too much. I’m tempted to sell my Accord now and get a hybrid that gets 50+ mpg but I’m not sure it makes sense financially. A decent car would be about $10k at least maybe I could sell mine for $3500. I think it would take too long to recoup the extra cost vs just keeping this car.

  7. Choui4 says

    This is true. Entirely true, especially if we consider the electric car tech has been around forever (albeit not as functional).

    However, and I don’t want to engage in whataboutism.

    However, “By burning heavy fuel oil, just 15 of the biggest ships emit more of the noxious oxides of nitrogen and sulphur than all the world’s cars put together.”

    Now, please don’t mistake my comment. We ALL need to do more to reduce our emissions. There is plenty we can do, and do more. Not the least of which is electricitying out autos.

    But, to say / imply that we, the people, need to do more, or that we can affect climate change, is an obfuscation of facts.

    Edit: because I’ve gotten the same, valid, critisms.

    I should have used a better example. Shipping is just one of the myriad industries that I could/should have mentioned.

    The oil and gas industry as a whole could have been mentioned.

  8. stephenBB81 says

    So what Vice is missing out on here is Battery and Battery Tech. the barrier to going all in with EV and Hybrid is access to Batteries. It is way cheaper and easier to dig/drill oil out of the ground than to strip mine and pit mine the resources for Batteries.

    So while technologically we could have had wide range of Hybrids back when Honda launched the Insight in 1999, we didn’t have the manufacturing capacity to even built 5% of the global auto market in batteries back then. Even today if everyone moved to EV/Hyrbid we couldn’t actually meet the demand, we need less car ownership to make EV/Hyrbid the only personal vehicles on the road.

  9. BKBroiler57 says

    They just make what people are buying…. cue the f150 lightning and maverick… they smell money and are only motivated by that sweet cheddar. Nothing. Else.

  10. m73m95 says

    So, every company, large or small, has one objective… Selling their products to us, the consumer.

    If we don’t buy what they’re selling, they go out of business. If McDonald’s only sold vegan tofurkey hamburgers, they wouldn’t sell anything, and go out of business.

    People want greasy, nasty ass, full of calories, burgers. That’s why they’re the largest fast food chain in the world.

    You act like automakers are at fault for not making hybrid or electric cars sooner, or in larger numbers. The truth is, they all make at least one EV now… And they still sell more gasoline powered vehicles.

    The demand is still for ICE vehicles.

    Dodge (Ram) came out with a diesel 1/2 ton pickup, and it sold like crazy… So now the other 2 automakers jumped on board and now Ford, GM, and Ram all make diesel 1/2 ton pickups that get >25mpg.

    So if you want hybrid and EVs… All you have to do is buy them, and stop buying ICE vehicles. Automakers will meet the demand… Because they have to.

  11. Qwirk says

    Price is the issue why all cars are not hybrids. People want the most economical solution available and hybrid vehicles simply aren’t there yet.

  12. ivanatorhk says

    As someone who has owned multiple hybrids, they’re great fun, but also are a hell of a lot more complicated mechanically than straight ICE or EV, making them trickier to maintain, especially if you ever have issues with the hybrid battery. That said, I wonder if Ford could have sold a hybrid truck at this price point, back when the Prius was the hot new thing.

  13. 0100101001001011 says

    There’s just that pesky demand side of demand/supply chain.

  14. Lawineer says

    Has a lot more to do with the cost of components coming down and more charging stations. Change takes time. This truck wouldn’t have sold 10 years ago with 10 year old technology on it and public/infrastructure adoption where it was.

  15. imgrandojjo says

    Stop. They’re doing it NOW: focus on that. Otherwise there’s not a person or corporation in the world iwth hands clean enough for you. We ALL underestimated this threat as recently as 10 years ago.

  16. GMN123 says

    40mpg is such a low bar. If people assessed what they really needed in a daily driver, they could get 60mpg with this technology.

    So many people drive pickups daily so they can use the capacity once a year.

  17. That_guy1902 says

    Car companies are all waiting for solid state batteries. If the tech comes through, then the transition is much easier. If not. They can still make money off gassers. So they will.

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