1. monel_funkawitz says

    Business as usual?

  2. RunThatIn says

    how is using billions of dollars to push the price of a company into bankruptcy not already market manipulation…

  3. AJDillonsMiddleLeg says

    The thing that’s annoying to me is that even the people that are “on our side” are spouting the narrative that retail or Reddit is doing this. All we have done is buy and hold shares. That’s literally the most basic form of investing.

  4. SubParMarioBro says

    What’ll they call it when the fuckers do the same thing in 2021?

  5. crosbynstaal says

    Robert Reich fucks. That is all.

  6. BladeG1 says

    Because this will become a top post I must Annonce that $WISH is a complete distraction. OG apes know this, for the new ape I must tell you my personal opinion.

    My opinion is that BB, BBBY, CLOV, CLNE, and WISH are all P&D distractions from GME shareholders meeting tomorrow

  7. Bob_the_peasant says

    Guess the government will just have to give redditors a few trillion dollar bailout ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  8. clusterbug says

    Not just in 2008 though!! They are continuously gambling away the economy, as well as people’s lives.

  9. JusOneMore says

    If people buying and holding a stock (investing) breaks the stock market theirs something seriously wrong.

  10. Whythehellnot_wecan says

    Apples and Oranges. I’m pre-internet.

    Early internet -> stock chat boards from the beginning. 30 years later -> stock chat boards. None of this is new. Confirmed DD, lived it.

    I like the stock! I’m still pissed about blockbuster. Long live the GameStonk and GameStop.

  11. Hirsutism says

    Alex, What is “Financial Terrorism”

  12. DoubleDeezDiamonds says

    As if it was just apes making it go up. The SHFs have such an extreme short position that they literally have to make it rally every 21 trading days, only worsening their own position in the process. Remember who’s at fault here.

  13. Killingroughtime says

    The thing about the narrative is that stock discussions forums have been around since the beginning of the internet. so everyone has a problem now, but if these companies that were overly shorted didnt get noticed and life moved on then no one will be talking about reddit.

    long before people gathered to fight the shorting corruption, heggies where illegally naked short selling stock. they got caught and now theyre trying to say we are colluding. but who shorted the stock in the first place and decided not to close their postion? word spreads quick especially in a time where a pandemic put alot of people in a tough financial position.


  14. -Mediocrates- says

    “If Redditors rallying GameStop is market manipulation…”


    If the simple act of buying and holding a stock is market manipulation…



  15. Ok-Company-5016 says

    Redditors didn’t rally Gamestop. It was shorted to shit illegally, people saw it and inform others of it. They made their decision themselves to thus invest in it.

  16. element_115 says

    This is personal. Heads will fucking roll.

  17. bloodshot_blinkers says

    Apes aren’t rallying or manipulating. Apes are just a bunch of.. well, apes, that like GameStonk, talk about the DD and put bananas in our poor little buttholes (our farts now sound like a light breeze on a cool autumn morning). Manipulation is organized we have no leader, no group, no rules (well, except no hate speech and stuff, you know the common sense stuff), and we all make our own decisions. I’ve come to my own decision to hodl to $20mil because I think that’s what my shares in the company are worth. That’s how the market works boomer. Supply and demand dictate the price and since I know someone is going to be demanding my shares I’m going to make my supply worth over $20mil/shr.

  18. Key_Coffee4941 says

    It’s such a load of shit, look at the volume compared to the initial run up, whatever is going on with the price is manipulation alright. But it’s not redditors.

  19. Csmbird says

    I think it’s…odd that the guy is being looked favorably upon for this comment. It seems like he’s comparing us Apes with the behavior of Wall Street bankers, when honestly it’s not comparable. They’re the ones still engaged in the same behavior as before. We’re just response blocking (IE cock blocking) their asses from fucking businesses over again.

    We’re invested in a company that we actually *like.* Reddit folks found that there was a major issue taking place by the same greedy Wall Street Bankers and found a way to stop the shit…and it may end up working to our benefit.


    That being said we are not the one’s rallying something. They in fact have rallied for the demise of a company. They’ve rallied for the demise of many companies. Many that would still be standing otherwise. We’ve decided, if anything, to rally against the bullshit illegal behavior they conduct.

  20. I_promise_you_gold says

    Lol imagine if buying and holding breaks the system.

  21. BASEbelt says

    when over 30 hedge funds get caught in a naked short on the same group of stocks is that not a form of collusion and market manipulation

  22. Poodogmillionaire says

    The next week is going to be like the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones.

  23. FloTonix says

    By this logic… we should also get a bailout on top of our tendies? ;D

  24. TexasMetalHippie says

    Or how about Big Pharma creating Oxycodone, marketing it as safe for everyone, not just end-stage cancer patients, all the while knowing what horse poo poo that was, and the members of the family of one of those companies, wanting to keep their billions of personal $$ out of the whole bankruptcy thing… Fuck you, Purde Pharma

    Maybe something to work on later, once this mess is cleaned up. Want a swamp drained, sometimes you gotta do it yourselves! ✊

  25. CosmoKing2 says

    Love me some RBR wisdom, but what did he do to stop this shit from happening while he worked in the Clinton admin? I know it wasn’t his responsibility, but he had the President’s ear.

    As much as i loved (nay praised) the deficit reductions of the 90’s – at the time – I never realized that they were actually reopening the floodgates for massive fraud to prop up our economy.

    Financial experts from the last 20 years, take a bow. This will be the very last time you will be called on as a subject matter expert. You are what is legally called complicit. No one will trust you once all the naked shorts become public knowledge.

    RBR is only notifying everyone 20 years after that fact. He would have been an actual hero if he had warned everyone then.

    You and Jordan Belfort have a lot in common. None of it includes empathy or consideration. Just limelight and publicity.

  26. Z1huatenej0 says

    DTCC will play this angle when they refuse to pay apes out. They will claim retail manipulation. FUCK THESE GUYS!

  27. THE_CAPPN_CAPTN says

    Financial treason

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