1. phoenixblack222 says

    Did you know it’s on Netflix?

  2. CrashDisaster says

    I second this. I hate it so much.

  3. HeyitsTalos says

    Regardless if the stickers are fake or not, stickers on a book when it is in mint condition sucks.

  4. Mostly_Apples says


  5. lyricistlibrettist says

    One day Netflix will be gone and only these will remain.

  6. matthewami says

    This is the best example of asshole design I’ve seen on this sub

  7. 1itt1ewing says

    I guess I paid $130 to advertise for Netflix. ffs

  8. SpiritBadger says

    Especially since the books are not on Netflix. The show is based on them, but not a direct adaptation of any of them afaik.

  9. DorianGreysPortrait says

    That is truly terrible. I specifically go out of my way to purchase the covers of pre-tv and movie releases but this is just rude. No way to tell they were gonna be like that.

  10. Eyedontwantausername says

    Stick better stickers that make you happy over them and screw the man!

    Edit: Better yet, get yourself a mother effing wax seal and class that sticker up into a dire wolf or something.

  11. Teftell says

    Can you return it?

  12. oopls says

    That is return for refund and complain to the publisher worthy.

  13. the_loz3r says

    If this is what I get with a collection of books with advertising on it then I’m just gonna go one book at a time and find one without the stupid stickers, buy it, read it, then go on to the next book. If it means to never see those again then I’m willing to do it.

  14. BalalaikaClawJob says

    I wonder how much cash traded hands just for those “stickers” to be there pushing folks to hop onto Net… A permanent ad basically.

  15. Night93owl says

    Why the fuck!

  16. Zefrem23 says

    Make stickers that cover the fake sticker with the exact background the fake stickers are covering

  17. Blaizenn says

    Yep I feel this. I went to buy these from a book store myself but ended up walking away because of that big red blob. What a terrible idea.

  18. jaysus661 says

    They did the same with A Song of Ice and Fire when Game of Thrones started to get more popular, but I bought all mine second hand so although they’re not a matching box set, they don’t have printed HBO advertisements on them.

  19. Raptix546 says

    Man I’d be so annoyed. I’d return these

  20. 147896325987456321 says

    Fuck them, return the books.

  21. cspjohn says

    Send it back?

  22. MetroidJunkie says

    We’ve gone too far with ads, now books are coming with them?

  23. pineapple2727 says

    I think it is especially useful to do on a series of books like this, because you’ll remember on Book 1 that it’s now a show on Netflix, but when you’re reading Book 2 will you remember that it’s now a show on Netflix? You’ve already committed to buying a set of 8 books, but by the time you get to Book 8 it’s really helpful of them to remind you for the 8th time: it’s now a show on Netflix.

  24. EmuRetro says

    Return it

  25. bigschmitt says

    Return that shit

  26. jaquick says

    Vote with your pocketbook. Return it.

  27. Tom_piddle says

    If you care, only money matters to them so refund?

  28. Gasparatan1 says

    scan it, Photoshop it, professinally print it, glue it be happy with it

  29. SerraAmayaHyde says

    Yeah it’s like the shadow and boone books most of my collection of the og series (shadow and bone, siege and storm, ruin and rising) is of before the Netflix series and now o need the last book but because i like physical buying i can only find the ones with the “Netflix original series” watermark on them and it’s just the last book i need out pisses me off so much

  30. Ash_Gamez says

    Me who already watched the show: Ok yeah thanks for the useless advert on a show that still has no second season after 2 years and will probably be longer. I definitely needed a reminder on every book in the set.

  31. Ark-kun says

    I had this with beautiful Terry Pratchett hardcovers.
    There has had to be a whole chain of stupid jerks that made it happen.

  32. Coral_Winslow says

    This kinda shit is so annoying. Hyrule Historia would be so much fucking cooler to have if there wasn’t a tiny tm after the word Zelda on the book cover.

  33. cuntrona says

    It’s even worse when they put them on illustrated books, like ‘Tales from the loop’ a beautifully illustrated hardcover book with a big fat printed on sticker almost in the middle of the front cover. I refuse to buy them.

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