1. Gorguf62 says

    Loki. It’s next.

  2. lipcrnb says

    I was so excited about “a new marvel thing every 1-2 weeks” and now we spend May in a drought.

  3. generalecchi says

    Im very interested in the magic/fantasy aspect of MCU

  4. Hasselhoff1 says

    Honestly I’m most hyped for dr strange and Thor followed by guardians, but otherwise I’d say Loki because he’s first up

  5. patricknotswayze says

    No Way Home. There have been so many rumors surrounding that film that it’ll be nice to finally see what was and wasn’t real.

  6. DeanTheDad says

    Whoever made that spider-man poster will end up incredibly disappointed

  7. AL3X4ND3R284 says

    Doesn’t Ms Marvel also come out late this year or am I tripping?

  8. BritishTeaEnthusiast says

    I’m most excited for the Moon Knight show, whenever that’s coming out – Benson and Moorhead have made some fantastic horror movies, and i’m curious to see how they tackle the character.

  9. Swoopmott says

    Eternals. Marvel have never been ones to overhype a film but with Eternals, the few times they’ve spoke about it, they’ve just been gushing over it saying it’s the greatest thing they’ve ever done. Unable to contain how excited they are for it which just makes me more excited.

    It also helps the characters are so different and just steeped in Jack Kirby weirdness. I reckon it’ll be the surprise smash hit of the year

  10. I_Walk_The_Line__ says

    What If…?

  11. chrisHANDmade says

    The Eternals.

    Solely because it’s the one we know LEAST about! I’m ready for another Marvel experience like GotG was in cinemas where you go in with nothing and come out with a smile!

  12. bojack_horseman25 says

    Loki, shang-chi, Spider-Man: no way home

  13. ManOfLaBook says

    If you haven’t read the [comic books](https://manoflabook.com/wp/?s=hawkeye) which the Hawkeye show is suppose to be based on, you’re missing out on some fantastic storytelling.

  14. Cking2769 says

    Loki looks awesome

  15. hquoc87 says

    Black Widow and Loki, yay

  16. alesiax says

    Loki. I just love the whole magic/mystery weirdness it has going on. And, well, it’s Loki. A chaotic trickster.

    With him you never know what’s going to happen.

  17. Nico777 says

    Definitely Strange. I hope it will be the movie that sets the tone and the direction of the story for the next phases.

  18. MikeX1000 says

    I’d put loki, Shang-Chi and NWH at the top, BW and Eternals in the middle, and Hawkeye at the bottom

  19. L1n9y says

    What about Ms Marvel and What if?

  20. fierce_knight465 says

    Spooder man no way home

  21. ChocolateTraining says

    What about Ms. Marvel, isn’t that supposed to be released this year as well?

  22. PoliticalOutsider says

    NWH because I really hope those Daredevil rumours are true. I’ve missed Charlie Cox’s portrayal and honestly the Netflix series being cancelled killed a lot of my interest in the MCU. If Marvel Studios picked up their stories I’d be so happy.

  23. bluehexx says

    Black Widow! I’ve been waiting for her own movie for a long time.

    Loki looks fun, too.

  24. amoretpax199 says

    Shang-Chi, it’s time to see the real Mandarin.

  25. DiamondbitchKillz says


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