1. Poknberry says

    What if you wanted to relax and play your favorite game

    But God said

    Level 700 drogoz

  2. aniseed_odora says

    It’s kind of funny. I know a lot of people haven’t been running comps like this since some nerfs went through to Jenos/Torv/Corvus, but I’ve slowly been seeing more and more pocket stomp formulas creep back through into casuals in the controller only queue.

  3. ANNDXS says

    You can still have fun, just don’t play Paladins

  4. TheMaddKingg says

    I’m very interested in the original image behind this meme

  5. bbruther14 says

    They need to add forfeit, not being able to leave even casual matches sucks

  6. Serpientesolida87 says

    Lol, he doesnt even need the pockets, hes so busted

  7. 7890puma says

    How do you make this monstrously

  8. rohnytest says

    thought this was r/anarchychess for a moment

  9. maxilulu says

    Happened to some days ago. They had Grover and Grohk pocketing the whole team since all 5 were playing close to each other in a circle, rendering any damage useless.

  10. TimothysFruad says

    sometimes i just wished andro players can go to hell, same with lian, evie, drogoz, seris, talus, furia, tiberius, moji, and dredge mains aswell.

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