1. EGG_PLANT_MAN says

    Fake: anon has a gf

    Gay: anon had sex

  2. BlueBrick18 says

    Good for you anon

  3. _bruhtastic says

    Odd stretch, however it is fine.

  4. PM_ME_DMS says

    Just me or is everyone missing the punchline?

  5. baited13300 says

    But did she liked it tho ?

  6. Big-_Floppa says


  7. TooFastTim says

    She pegged anon

  8. PatrickStewart92 says

    What I want to be a farm

  9. Naouh says

    What if im a male gymnast

  10. ZippZappZippty says

    Like the dating pool for men:

    Women 🤢🤢🤮🤮

  11. RoscoMan1 says

    You’re just dating a horny guy. Sorry.

  12. Oil__Man says

    Fuck off

  13. QuarantineSucksALot says

    BMI is not a thread for dating advice

  14. Caligula92 says

    Haven’t read a Gtext like this in quite some time. Gg

  15. AsleepSoil7426 says

    Imagine faking an entire life for that joke

  16. Coomer_Coomiens says

    Is there a name for these greentext, with a plot twist at the end?

  17. sfcnstntchng says


  18. d1anaprince says

    I just wanna know what the position was…

  19. IPoopInYourMilkshake says

    Just scratching at pebbles, huh?

  20. r0lF_RuTiN_ says

    how was it anon

  21. Chase_Naylor says

    anon dreams

  22. pmcd_com says

    Anon doesn’t mean you’re sitting at home

  23. boxofrocks14 says

    Best pun of all time

  24. pmcd_com says

    Maybe it’s true I’m a fat MAN

  25. ZippZappZippty says

    Femanon isn’t good at dating.

  26. -Listening says

    This has /r/dating

  27. AnnaJohnson24 says

    Yes yes, this is a well known fact.

  28. KarenMackin58 says

    Fake: Anon is a little bit

  29. aryamehta says

    >mfw im not anon

  30. jakethedumbmistake says

    Could’ve been dating [This Dude?](https://imgur.com/gallery/xsRXu)

  31. Financial_Juice2115 says

    weird fake and gay story but ok

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