Anti-vaccine *expert* witness claims vaccine causes forks and keys to stick to your forehead and it’s linked to 5G network towers


Anti-vaccine *expert* witness claims vaccine causes forks and keys to stick to your forehead and it’s linked to 5G network towers

Anti-vaccine *expert* witness claims vaccine causes forks and keys to stick to your forehead and it’s linked to 5G network towers from PublicFreakout

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  1. phenson23 says

    Why wasn’t anyone laughing?

  2. ennuinerdog says

    I can’t believe the entire audience kept a straight face through that whole thing.

  3. Cool_hand66 says

    The head nodding in the background is scarier I think.

  4. fluffspeed says

    Get vaccinated and never lose your keys or cutlery again!

  5. TooSoonForThat says

    Immediately Googles “people with spoons and forks stuck to them because of vaccine”.

  6. NickM5526 says

    “I’m sure you’ve seen the images on the internet”

    There’s never actual evidence with these people, it’s just memes from ‘the internet’

  7. ego_tripped says

    I would have been tossed from the gallery with my uncontrolled laughter.

  8. brickorange says

    how fucking embarrassing

  9. Cr33p_F1st says

    I tried to think of some smart ass comment to get upvotes. After that, I just stared at my phone for 5 minutes. This isn’t even funny anymore; it’s dangerous. Who would have thought that massive advances in technology and accessibility would lead us towards a new dark age of ignorance? It’s hard to be optimistic in a world shared with people like this, to whom words like fact, proof and evidence no longer mean anything other than what they want them to.

  10. str8cash1 says

    I love the long dialogue stating her facts the says “not proven yet”

  11. piggyroaster00 says

    I’m tired of sharing this place with these people.

  12. jwhunter69 says

    We all get magnetic so we can be taken up by the rupture!

  13. Professor_Zeitgeist says

    I miss James Randi.

  14. Daniel_85 says

    I’ve seen people on the internet who were able to lick their elbows after vaccination

  15. chubbuck35 says

    I cannot even comprehend how a human being who has grown to be a functioning adult can be this stupid.

  16. Mike00726 says

    I think that, that shit has been sticking to you long before the Vax.

  17. ganymede62 says

    My brother believes Sh*t like this. It’s insane.

  18. Doc_BoBo says

    Getting connected to 5G just by getting a vaccine would be SO cool! XD

  19. adidasPredator says


    Got the Pfizer jab and I am not magnetic! 🤬😡🤬😡🤬

  20. i_was_there_then says

    Nobody tell her about iron in corn flakes


  21. death_by_chocolate says

    If people would take a bath every once in a while maybe shit wouldn’t stick to ya. Just sayin’. *Greasy*.

  22. PerfectDarkAchieved says

    Keys are made of brass. Non magnetic brass you fool!!

  23. Susurrus03 says

    Oh a bunch of clearly unvaccinated people packed in a room without masks during a pandemic, have we learned nothing?

  24. cheesesteak_genocide says

    I am stupider for having listened to that.

  25. eastkent says

    Oh America! You have the best stupid people in the entire world.

    You’d think there would be enough room in the place so that in-breeding wasn’t a big concern, but here we are.

  26. Billiam_Ball says

    “Proteins with metal attached to them are bad!”… Hemoglobin ma’am, hemoglobin

  27. zuran_orb says

    Oh America. The internet hasn’t been kind to you

  28. dubmiks says

    This woman has bear ears. Now you cannot unsee it.

    You’re welcome.

  29. kidkkeith says

    “Ma’am, put down the internet.”

  30. graps says

    Somewhere in America there’s a bunch of people that will elect this lady to a political office

  31. HiddenVisage says

    What’s being transmitted is called “stupidity”. Shocker~

  32. Best_Examination_529 says

    How are we supposed to live side by side with these fucking morons?

  33. shallowandpedantik says


  34. RoosterJacket0 says

    An “interface”, you say? My my….

  35. HustleNMeditate says

    Anybody else having problems sticking silverware to them? I think my vax is broken.

  36. Open_Adhesiveness_40 says

    Introducing your next Republican member of congress…

  37. gforgolu says

    Well one thing that’s definitely not sticking on her forehead is common sense.

  38. Beer_Nazi says

    Woman! It’s just a fucking vaccine.
    You had countless vaccines as a child and throughout your waste of carbon life.

  39. AaronQuin says

    I live 100m away from a mm wave 5g tower. I’m fine.
    Although I have been having these weird blackouts where I wake up in strange places covered in blood and wanting eat people. It’s probably unrelated.

  40. ReverseMoses says

    This is why I stay away from openly religious people.

  41. iaincaradoc says

    We need Buzz Aldrin in the background.

  42. livingunique says

    I fucking wish the vaccine would make me magnetic. That would be badass.

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