1. scrolling-the-past says

    Cutest thing I saw today…and clever too.

  2. itsjustasimplechaos says

    Oooh here she comes, watch out ants, she’ll eat you up, oooh here she comes

  3. TheMediocrity21 says

    I really like this art style!

  4. arcoalien says

    Super cute haha. Love the details.

  5. Rudy69 says

    He should play the guitar while waiting

  6. xSpqces says

    I may be dumb, but I don’t understand it.

  7. Bliss266 says

    I spent 10 years of my life living in an absolutely terrible environment studying these stupid animals. What a waste of a life.

  8. SealandsServant says

    good. fuck ants.

  9. helpme_change_huhuhu says

    For some reason I kept on seeing ‘eat’ instead of ‘wait’

  10. MichaelH345 says

    Relevant [Family Guy](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWnL8tuLHDg) clip

  11. gatoradegrammarian says

    This is rather brilliant, OP!

  12. 4squarecomics says

    holy shit, genuinely made my day – 🙂

  13. squirrel_acorn says


  14. yknowwhat says

    I know that one is female because it has eyelashes.

  15. netinetihouse says

    This is a stolen idea. There was a comic posted like a month ago with the exact same joke. I’ll see if I can find it

  16. psych-o-duck says

    I love everything about this

  17. daveradar says

    Best one I’ve seen in a while. Great strip.

  18. CrabbyBlueberry says

    Very Far Side-ian.

  19. Raumschiff says

    What’s this? A picnic for ants?

  20. Commercial_Body_3105 says

    Should be on r/aww

  21. Catd616 says

    I hope the title was a pun. Because all I see is a pun.

  22. NormieSpecialist says

    The punchline is the most clever thing I’ve seen in a comic. I love you so much for this.

  23. TankorSmash says

    very clever title

  24. banalhemorrhage says

    Perfection and original

  25. HoodaThunkett says

    looks more like an acoustic guitar to me

  26. Roscoe_King says

    Yo this is really clever! I love it!

  27. AlbaMoeckel40 says

    Nah. That’s on his head.

  28. StuHast398 says


  29. wanna-eatapeach says

    I just want to be like this, why is it so hard huhu

  30. QMT93 says

    It reminds me of a Heineken commercials about sending Heineken to Mars to to find local life forms.

  31. GrimmRadiance says


  32. Cienzolino says

    So clever! Love it!

  33. DewayneSowell61 says

    Not true, you can see lots of shit

  34. justsomeph0t0n says

    Sadly, the ants never appeared because the guitar had already ruined the picnic. It was the time of nobody’s life.

  35. JoshuaLuedeman66 says

    Jeez where ya from? Beijing? Perth?

  36. DogIsGood says

    So anyway, here’s Wonderwall

  37. thelielmao says

    I think I laughed a good minute coz of how funny this is!

    Thank you!

  38. dapo64 says

    Ok that’s a good one! 😂😂😂

  39. PorterMasonComics says

    I love the slow build. Nice!

  40. DragonsAreLikeOnions says

    Play guitar to pass the time, you’ll look less suspicious to the oncoming ants.

  41. nimloth says

    Hahah, this is very clever! 😀

  42. KimMcgough30 says

    I don’t get the joke. Can someone explain?

  43. RealAccountNameHere says

    I think it shows a lot about where I am in life that a comic of anteaters holding hands makes me jealous. 🙁

  44. PotatoDonki says

    Dear god, thank you for keeping the joke subtle. So many terrible comics these days.

  45. poopysvinnie says

    didnt get it

  46. Upstairs_Feature_570 says

    3rd panel not needed but good comic

  47. root_501 says


  48. root_501 says

    The ants are happy.

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