1. Mox1de says

    Just be a barbarian knight
    Best of both world

  2. ChessurKitten says

    Aww, supportive of them. Good mom

  3. PardoXIX says

    Mom seems kinda sus with that book in her hands in the first two panels

  4. Droid_XL says

    Look, even a third caster would be fine, if you want to be a paladin go right ahead… but I didn’t raise no pussy ass wizard bitch.

  5. ThePinms says

    Nothing stopping you from being a knight and a barbarian.

  6. Batboyultra says

    She got that fuckin guts sword dude

  7. AevHolm says

    Just picturing the child growing up to become an Eldritch Knight and the mother being disappointed for dabbling in magic.

  8. taco_powered_robot says

    You’re really underestimating the efficiency with which casters can destroy their enemies.

  9. svenson_26 says

    We can’t afford armour. But here, try this ***anger*** instead.

  10. Z3ph3rn0 says

    Swords comic is so good

  11. MrSticks21 says

    She got the Buster Sword!

  12. Marymatician says

    The Swords Comic is so awesome! There’s over 300 episodes, and you can find them all online 🙂 or they have an instagram!

  13. YKSVOTRUGOY says

    But you can destroy more enemies at once as a caster

  14. DeusExMachina_A says

    Now I’m imagining a household of all barbarians with 1 new wizard

  15. radbalox says

    Quick question

    Are clerics full casters?

    Because as far as i remember a cleric “favored weapon” is a mace

  16. Ender_Dragneel says

    She had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

  17. Juggletrain says

    Lol it doesnt matter that she vroke the book because barbarians cant read anyways

  18. xXSp3cterXx says

    Fighter rogues are one of the most OP multiclass.
    Change my mind.

  19. George_The_Wierdo says

    Big swords are sick

  20. BrilliantTarget says

    Counterpoint moon druid

  21. OnlyCaptainCanuck says

    All my caster homies rise up!

  22. Psychomaniac14 says

    *laughs in bladesinger wizard*

  23. Lost-Poyo says

    Barbarian or barbaridont

  24. pauly13771377 says

    Crome approves

  25. Firemorfox says

    Mother multiclassed into wizard or druid judging by that book in the first two panels.

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