1. 3trackmind says

    I asked for hug from my 3 year old yesterday. She thought about it, then said no. She is savage.

  2. Professional_Pea7124 says

    Most definitely. When you come home and they run to the door with a big “MOMMY” heart melts.

  3. Kantotheotter says

    I tell my kids I am powered by hugs and kisses. I also will dramatically lay on the floor and need “emergency hugs” to continue whatever i’m doing. This requires a puppy pile to restart mom.

  4. iocaine0352 says

    Yes. I have a 6 year old daughter that occasionally sings the “I love Daddy, I love my Daddy, I love my D-A-D-D-Y!” song and I could stop a Mack Truck with sheer force of will when she does.

  5. Claxonic says

    When your child smiles at you, laughs with you, or gives you a hug it really is like this.

  6. IDKHow2UseThisApp says

    Before I had a kid, I’d hear parents say, “…It’s all worth it though.” I figured that was just a way to rationalize all the work and make themselves feel better. But it’s true for me. A hug from the kiddo does make it all worth it. Even the time she puked down my back.

    Being a parent is weird.

  7. Dacookies says

    Yes! You can have the worst day ever but when they say I love you, or hug you when you are back home that it’s the best thing ever. My 7 year old son , likes to sing to me random songs he creates for me. Or sometimes takes my phone and record a little video for me.

  8. alrightythenkiddo says

    I don’t have kids but I’m in my 20s with a 5 year old sister and I swear to god when she says “sissy I love you so much” I feel like I could take on the whole world. I literally live for her

  9. Warriorxp7 says

    As an uncle i can say yes!
    When my nephew crawled towards my leg and hugged it i melted!

  10. r1ghthook666 says

    yes, only thing that stopped me doing harm to myself and gets up to work each day

  11. bentnotbroken96 says


    My oldest is turning 31 next month – still gives me hugs coming and going, and I still love it.

  12. SewAlone says

    Yes, it’s true. I have two teenagers and they are the light of my life, even when they are grouchy. =)

  13. Chillaxerate says

    It is for me! But I know people who feel the same way about kids they don’t parent, or even their pets, so I don’t think it’s only parents who experience this (following up on the title of the post). (And anyone who doesn’t want kids, shouldn’t have them to get that amazing high, because there are also amazing challenges parenting and lots of joys in the world for nonparents – being a parent is the best thing that has ever happened to me but it is not for everyone).

  14. 4DMeemz says

    Yes. My kids are both legal adults, and just hearing the sound of their voices in my house now and then restores my soul completely. Hugs from your kids are the best tonic in the world.

  15. stripedbathmat says

    Yup. My 3 year old told me yesterday morning, “Mommy, I care about you every day!” Out of the blue. Best way to start my morning!

  16. GrandpaTheBand says

    yes. One of my fondest memories is my little boy, seeing me come in from work, yelling ‘Daddy!’ and launching himself into my arms.
    That was over 15 years ago and stills gets me through some days.

  17. the_pun_life says

    Praise the son!

  18. toadpuppy says

    My kid is 13 and not really into hugs anymore, but when I do get hugs, it is the best thing in the world. They show love in other ways, though – I had to pop my head into their room to ask a question, and as I was leaving they said “Wait a minute” and gave me some of the M&Ms they were eating. I didn’t even realize they had candy until they shared it with me.

  19. ghostradish says

    Yes. I can have the world’s worst day and my youngest child will come up and hug me just because I look sad, it’s the best feeling.

  20. UndertaleErin says

    Looking through these comments is making me sad. I’m really bad with physical contact, and so I havent hugged my parents in a long time, since I was like 10 or 11.

  21. HVACMANE says

    I’m 26, I was raised up in VA back in the sticks…moved south to FL to make something of myself for this family because opportunity is not quite as scarce here and I needed better for my kids. I have a beautiful wife and two boys (3 and 5)….they had to stay behind while I made this leap for us…goddamn I fucking miss my family so bad…
    Did get a house though. should be in this week or weekend…can’t wait to get my family back

    Can confirm this is facts.

    Edit: Thanks for the award but the real award should go to my wife holding the fort down without me. She duh best!

  22. Krissy_ok says

    Yes it is. I treasure my me time jealously but my 2 little ones sneaking in to my bed at 4 am to snuggle up and fall asleep wrapped around my limbs is so sweet that I gladly lie still, well knowing that tomorrow will be a nightmare of strained neck/arm/back etc.

  23. GarbageConsistent168 says


  24. djayh says

    Yes. Even more so when they’re out and on their own.

  25. steppedinhairball says

    Yep it does. Went from hospital to rehab yesterday due a stroke at young age. I’m not even 50 yet. Got to hug my kids after the drive over. Best thing in the world. Even if they are teens

    When little, you be dead ass tired but that “Daddy!!” cry of happiness to see you gives a burst of energy. Good for the soul.

    Edit: the kids head slamming into your balls from the flying hug doesn’t feel to good.

  26. gionnelles says

    Nothing turns my day around faster than hugs and talking with my son. He told me I was “the best dadda ever” a few weeks ago and I’m still riding that high.

  27. ake-n-bake says

    Yes especially when they tell you that they love you with no warning or reason 😊

  28. TJ_Rowe says

    Sometimes I walk into something and hurt myself, and my kid comes along to kiss it better and give me a hug. It works.

  29. aht320 says

    The first year of my child’s life I did not GET IT. Like what were parents talking about?!? Couldn’t imagine this ever being true. But now she’s 16 months and my heart explodes when she hugs me.

  30. emmapkmn says

    Absolutely! I got diagnosed with MS this year and feel physically terrible a lot of the time, but when my little toddler lights up just because I’ve walked into her room in the morning… It’s all I need.

  31. SapphireSamurai says

    Absolutely. The hugs that happen unprompted are the best. It is an instant emotional recharge.

    But what has helped the most is therapy. Nothing beats talking to a mental health professional and working through your problems.

  32. aoeudhtns says

    Yes. But the image is missing the panel where the kid is the one shooting the arrows.

  33. Admiyer_me says

    It is until your realize it was for a New Playstation or what not and then the Circle continues.

  34. Heterodox_Rock says

    A thousand times yes…. I’ve got a six year old girl and four year old boy and they’re both really affectionate. Some days when it feels like I could just crawl into bed and never get out, then one of them will hug me or bring me a picture they’ve drawn for me, and the world is instantly a better place to be

  35. kelowana says

    I do not have children myself, but a look at the parents face when the kid says something like “that’s my awesome mommy!” says enough. If their beaming would be real light, it would blind everyone around!

    As said, have no kids myself, but even I swell when a kids gives me a real, real hug and/or says something nice about me.

  36. 2rfv says

    My daughter a few months ago said the following “You know what I like about you, dad? You’re ready for anything”

    I’ll be glowing about that on the inside until I die.

  37. gabrielms123 says

    I get this feeling by hugging a friend too. It may not be the same as a kid, but definitely helps!! 🙂

  38. Mingusto says

    Only thing that works for me and keeps me going

  39. little-blue-fox says

    Sure, until they start to stink..

  40. RemarkableVictory says

    100% true.

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