1. CronaDemonSword says

    Liberty prime when the ants start speaking russian

  2. MrOOF_1337 says

    Mr House when the Courier starts speaking golf club

  3. foreverinLOL says

    Boomers when anything starts speaking.

  4. G1Scorponok says

    Legionaries when the trees start speaking German

  5. The_Black_Bird756 says

    Portuguese when the water starts speaking Egyptian, Arabic, and Persian

  6. Vdbebw says

    Legonnaires when the buildings start ticking.

  7. atransarcticfox says

    Legionnaires when the concrete starts speaking ranger

  8. DoktorG0nz0 says

    Legionnaires shitting their ~~pants~~ *skirts* when the mailman starts to hum Big Iron.

  9. Siincerely says

    True to Caesar!

  10. notacommiesupporter says

    Legion be talking mad shit for someone within service rifle range

  11. Ohio_Imperialist says

    NCR when the Helios tower starts counting

  12. KenpachiNexus says

    Cum laude.

  13. Colby_Cuh says

    The Courier when the robot speaks sexually

  14. thenumbers42 says

    Benny when the guards start greeting the high-roller.

  15. Gonchorizo says

    Ulysses when the divide starts speaking boom

  16. Bail_Sharr says


  17. RicardoPinochetos says

    Haha, service rifle goes pew pew

  18. codeblack95 says

    True to kaizar

  19. SPlRlT- says


  20. Brotherly-Moment says

    NCR when the bunker starts speaking self-destruct sequence:

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