1. unusual_me says

    Wait, you guys already have GPUs to play games with? …

  2. Alzusand says

    To be fair they just need to make a slightly better battlefield 4. so the bar Is not that high.

    But If its 60$ has battle pass and 50 gb patches every month It could be a bad signal *cough call of duty cough*

  3. Donkey_Klong says

    What’s the point of preordering a game? It’s not like they’re going to run out

  4. JerodTheAwesome says

    The gaming community is honestly one of the dumbest communities on the market that they consistently fall for this shit.

  5. judiasmdotcom says

    i’m hoping 2042 is good, but im also seeing a pattern of things. new game reveals with an ebic trailer, every youtuber says “COD DOOMED,” the game makes questionable decisions with gameplay and presentation, comes out, is glitchy or has a lot of problems with the gameplay, and is then a different game in a few months after the community goes to war with the devs over it.

  6. InevertypeslashS says

    I preorder so when it comes out my wife is like”wtf you bought another game?!?” And I can do “oh I preordered it a long time ago”

    Works 100% of the time some of the time.

  7. BarebowRob says

    I wish the game was Battlefield 2022 where we fight scalpers and miners for supply of GPUs.


  8. Peetwilson says

    Never again

  9. ashton12006 says

    Personally i am kinda excited for this as i have all ways wanted a futuristic battle field

  10. toilet__water says

    How does it look amazing? There was no gameplay footage at all in the trailer. Why do people get hyped over video game cinematics?

  11. AmazinglyObliviouse says

    >Battlefield 2042 looks amazing

    Battlefield 2042’s “cinematic trailer” looks “like you should expect a cinematic trailer for a million dollar game to look in 2021.”

  12. Rheytos says

    What time will they launch?

  13. BasementOnFire says

    Looks amazing? The only thing that they showed was a cinematic trailer that doesn’t represents nothing of gameplay

  14. Blacksad999 says

    Preordering doesn’t make sense in an all digital age.

    ***However***, I don’t really like telling people what to do with their time and money, and don’t really like people telling me the same.

  15. Pak_n_Slave97 says

    While I totally understand preordering games and do so myself occasionally, for the reasons outlined by other commenters, I don’t understand why a purely cinematic trailer like this one would build up enough hype for a person to preorder based on that alone. The gameplay trailer drops in a few days, surely you wait to see that first, no?

  16. Sujjin says

    yeah, BF 4 looked good to. remember that shit show of a launch?

  17. vaurapung says

    I used to preorder games.

    When preorders came with collectables and had midnight releases.

  18. Biggu5Dicku5 says

    After BFV? Yeah, no worries there…

  19. Sotyka94 says

    Eh, I will decide after trying it out in the beta.

  20. LordFendleberry says

    Does Battlefield 2042 look amazing? All I’ve seen is a pre-rendered, scripted “trailer” that tells me next to nothing about the actual product being sold.

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