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Happy Battlefield Day Everybody! Today at 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern, we saw the reveal for the next Battlefield release, title Battlefield 2042. We are restricting this, and other Battlefield subreddits, until about an hour or two after the reveal to reduce spam and to give the moderation team time to ensure the new subreddit r/battlefield2042 is ready to go LIVE. Please head over to r/battlefield2042 and subscribe, we’ll be opening it up for new posts, shortly. In the meantime, please use this megathread for discussion of the trailer and reveal. We’ll also have an AMA from GameChangers on their initial thoughts, over on r/battlefield2042.


Thank you so much for the support you’ve shown us throughout the years. We have some big plans for the new game and subreddit. Happy Reveal Day everyone and we’ll see you on the Battlefield!!


[(3) Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI) – YouTube](

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  1. throwaway3111128 says

    Didn’t Call of Duty already do this?

  2. adumb20something says

    I’m here for it

  3. Spobe_ says

    I heard that it won’t have a campaign, is that true?

  4. ElectricalSpeech3310 says

    Another BR?

  5. MonacledMarlin says

    Let’s see if they can unfuck all the needless gameplay changes they made in BFV

  6. FishMcCray says

    I really hope it has cross play

  7. Passivesedulity91 says

    2042 makes this game sounds times better. Love this so much!

  8. Akipac1028 says

    I get what they’re doing. Trying to apologize for BFV’s mess but if it’s taught me anything. Don’t pre-order and don’t buy at launch. I loved BF3 and 4, their pushing for people nostalgic about those games. I really enjoyed the historical settings in BF1 (and BFV when it was dirt cheap.) When the pacific trailer came out I thought “Wow! Their turning this train wreck around for the better.” But they dropped it. Before it got really good. Shame honestly. But though I’m happy with the fan service I’m a bit bummed out we didn’t see a Korean War BF or a idk Civil War BF (only saying that because I loved the Cavalry class.) I might buy it but I’m wary about it.

  9. amassiveidiot083637 says

    Each to there own but anyone who buys games from EA is a pretty gross person.

  10. Ala_Tipster says

    OK, so the trailer got me in the mood for battlefield again. I own each of them, but I’m curious if folks know which one has the most active community currently?

  11. MyThrowawayThyme says

    If gameplay matches that trailer, holy shit. Tornaders, icey tanks, killer robot puppers.

    Sadly it seems like it’s not too much different from other Battlefield titles.

    I see they tried to capture certain crowds/interests. The Jet whores, heli whores, Damavand Peak ‘omg parachuting in MP’ whores are all happy as fuck. Wing suit looks fun, too.

    6/10 until we see how futuristic and different it is.

  12. DimitriGVlad says

    As a non-battlefield fanboy (I’ve played 2,3, 4 and Hardline, Bad Company 2 and maybe 7 hours of WW1) I’m actually pretty hyped based on the trailer. I can see why hardcore fans are upset, but to me the trailer captured the essence of what I loved about the ones I have played. Crazy war settings where you’re either doing cool shit, or getting stomped on by people doing it better.

    Just my 2 cents, I’m also interested to hear why people don’t like it.

  13. N3xrad says

    Whats funny is you see so much bitching on Reddit and little bitching on YouTube. Game looks crazy and fun but ill still wait for gameplay and more info. Not crazy about specialists but im willing to see it in action first. That wont break the game for me. I just want a fun game.

  14. onlythabest276 says

    Boy can’t wait for another clone of the last 5 games

  15. Megamanfre says

    So is Battlefield 2042 a prequel to the futuristic sequel of Battlefield 4, Battlefield 2142?

  16. BeastKingRiz says

    I just hope there is a hardcore mode.

  17. Foreign-Dependent940 says

    They better come up with some realistically good future weapons cause Battlefield 2142 had some of the WORST “futuristic” weapons I’d ever seen.

  18. Conflagreat says

    I’m glad that Battlefield 6 is very gritty, down to earth, and realistic unlike Battlefield 5, so that it’s not disrespectful to real soldiers anymore.

  19. Dyaxa says

    Selling Salt proof Goggles…anyone interested?

  20. QuitMeowthingOff says

    Can we address the real problem here that these fuckers at EA still have yet to drop a 2142 remake and here they are now just slapping us all in the face with 2042… soo infuriating. Not futuristic enough only being set 20ish years from now so what’s really the point here it’s basically going to just be another modern Battlefield. Just a big ol’ swing and a miss imo.

    Could be Dice has too many high graphics skins and decals for modern shooters so making one too futuristic would take too long. But damn if I wouldn’t kill for an high def graphic remake of 2142. Until then I mine as well go back to BF4 don’t see much of a difference here…zzz

  21. pittguy578 says

    I mean trailer was as to be expected.. just a cinematic.. I won’t pass judgement until I see gameplay

  22. Carter969 says

    My tits are jacked

  23. PSMF_Canuck says

    It’s time to get away from historical time-frames, so I’m happy about that. And using PS5 power also makes me happy.

    Hopefully the game plays less “been there, done that” than the trailer suggests.

  24. ChazwasserJunior says

    Christ, after BFV and what a weak ass game that was, it’s gonna take a lot to convince me this is worth buying.

  25. CPU_LEO says

    what edition are ya’ll planning to buy? I’m not sure I can resist the idea of early access, so might be going with gold.

  26. HardlyFreight359 says

    This game makes me super excited!

  27. Dry-Magician-9033 says

    When does it get released?

  28. Xx20_CharactersxX says

    Where Scalar weapon

  29. BartTech says

    -Paid battlepass is all cosmetic.
    -All maps/content free, to avoid splitting player base.
    -Good chance of next gen cross play.
    -Specialists that are literally only separated by a gadget and still fall into a class category (y’all just wanna cry without giving something a chance)
    -Maps at an absurd size with 128 people.
    -the game has the potential not to die a few years after launch

    Idk, I’m pretty hyped.

  30. DeployedAndDumb says

    I’ll play the beta when I get home, hopefully it’s good if so, I’ll buy

  31. AmericanMuscle4Ever says


  32. affenkind51 says

    Im a little bit dissapointed.. Many of the guns are existing right now,the Tanks looked relativly normal some robots that might be used rarely nowerdays. Pretty Boring stuff for beeing more than 20 years in the future.

  33. fusorf says

    They adressed the jet swap

  34. DyatAss says

    People complaining about lack of Single player, would you rather have more multiplayer maps, weapons and vehicles, or a shitty single player experience that takes 3 hours to beat?

  35. stuofabq says

    Bye guys 🥲 BF3-BF1 was a beautiful stretch. I’ll see you on Hell Let Loose and Squad 🙂

  36. Ritz-Charlatan says


  37. Standingcrown says

    The most concerning part of what I’ve seen has to be the specialist system, I’m guessing it’ll just boil down to who is the best specialist and then everyone will play that one, I’ve seen it before in other hero shooters and battlefront 2. Then there’s the possibility of EA being EA and forcing dice to charge for certain specialists, which means they’ll probably be overpowered, and complained about for months until it’s patched, or underpowered and people asking for refunds. And finally of course is the inevitable launch issues and glitchyness plus MTX. There is no way I’m gonna pre-order for this, if it’s good I’ll happily eat my words, but since they always seem to have such sheer incompetence when producing games now, I’m expecting it to be subpar.

  38. Zophixious_ says

    So, apparently even this $70 game will feature purchasable cosmetics?… The premium AAA experience of paying for the game once and earning everything in it yourself seems long gone.

  39. usprocksv2 says

    i wonder how it will play on the older gen consoles as time passes by, since more and more people will be able to get new gen consoles (hopefully). not me though prolly stuck with a ps4 for 3-5 more years

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