1. insomniaWasp says

    He looks underage

  2. A0xom0xoa says

    Shotgun ready Knees weak Arms are heavy. Vomit on his sweater already. Mums spaghetti

  3. H8HumanServices says

    She’s blown a gasket!!!!

  4. Txedomoon says

    You’re supposed to SWALLOW not SPIT!

    I will now show myself out.

  5. agent_rl says

    That’s just so un-beer-able!

  6. ExplodingTaco34 says

    He ejected the beer like he was a pressure washer!😂

  7. WetTwig says

    It’s called chugging and yes it is a good idea if you aren’t this guy

  8. ltrain228 says

    Damn dude the poked hole mustve been too small. You poke a hole large enough and the chug work is essentially done for you! Then you just suffer feeling so full your about to bust, and when that feeling subsides you have the greenlight to shotgun another!! YEEEEEEE

  9. stringsndiscs says

    It’s not definitely a good idea but i will say it’s not definitely a bad idea

  10. BlackArchonTarantula says

    it is a good idea, but for pros

  11. Dragonhost252 says

    Netflix: Are you still watching?

    Someone’s daughter ^

  12. XanII says

    Family Guy Stewie please pay attention. this is how you projectile vomit.

  13. WhotTyler says
  14. Warm-Risk-3352 says

    That stream tho lol would make a great waterfall

  15. GunsCarsPlanes says

    It is a good idea…. What are you supposed to do, drink a little and then revisit the can next month?

  16. carnivoretrav says

    Is that a child? Get good, scrub!

  17. Educational_Ad_2028 says

    Does the poster not know what shotgunning is?

  18. bradmanman says

    Why can’t people use the part of the can specifically designed to drink out of?

  19. Warlock_of_Oz says

    What I want to know is how they got their hands on that beer…

  20. slobsaregross says

    Pretty sure that’s a fat kid with a soda

  21. WyattDavenport says

    Fire hydrant. No beer hydrant…

  22. OhadiNacnud says

    Awww little pussy can’t chug

  23. lookatmikehunt says

    Because drinking beer all at once is definitly a good idea” I already don’t like you

  24. Longjumping_Bed2907 says

    I almost wanna scream in the video swallow mother fucker!

  25. PeepoBasedd says


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