1. Valant0324 says

    Always remind your fellow conservative about this. As well, ask them “did you return your stimulus?”

  2. Linkage006 says

    but took all the credit

  3. ravengenesis1 says

    Ha! If only the conservatives returned the stimulus check money in protest. That’ll be the day.

  4. allonzeeLV says

    My fellow Americans really have the memory and attention spans of sea monkeys, don’t they?

  5. -SkarchieBonkers- says

    Conservative voters in 2021 will thank their reps for shitting in their mouths, as long as the groups they hate get some shit in theirs.

  6. Lurkerphobia says

    This should be repeated every day. Links to the official vote counts for both houses of congress should accompany any posts about this also.

    Never allow them the opportunity to live down their choice to not help the american public.

  7. PushItHard says

    Every conservative I know complained about it, and cashed the check immediately.

  8. Mr-Klaus says

    Republican voters have a very short attention span. One day they would be fighting against a certain topic, and the next day they will be trying to take credit for the exact same shit they were fighting against.

    The Jan. 6th riots are a good example. On the days leading to Jan 6th, they said they were going to storm the building and take the law into their own hands if Trump is not given back the presidency.

    The next day, these same Republicans were talking about Antifa and BLM storming the building to make Trump supporters look bad even though:

    1: They literally said they were going to do this for days before.

    2: Armed Republicans have been storming local government buildings around the country for months before.

    3: Everyone who has been identified from the videos has been Republican.

  9. Love-and-Fairness says

    It might be worth restructuring the american political system now that we know so much about group behavior. If any of these Republicans were to vote against their team, everyone is angry with them because it makes their side look weak and not tightly aligned, it sets a precedent for future dissenters, further weakening them, etc. There’s so much tribalism, group-think, and honor among thieves that we have maybe 10-25 people setting the precedent for what the whole team will think, the opportunity to challenge it has already passed, you should have spoken up in the focus group. It’s a mess.

  10. Clean-Competition908 says

    I couldn’t of made ends meet without that 1,400 check. Covid really messed up alot of stuff for people and our nation’s handling of it was piss poor.

  11. Damn_Ur_Ugly says

    Yet so many took credit for it and all the things they voted against. As it Republican tradition.

  12. hujassman says

    They eagerly supported the stimulus bills that transferred money to corporations though

  13. Diacroll says

    What do you expect? Conservatives have no political points other than stopping everything democrats do. What does a conservative stand for?

  14. BadLuckCharm1966 says

    Honestly, I’m over the checks. It wasn’t enough to help many people very much anyway. I used it to pay down some some medical and dental debt, so I did appreciate it for that, but, it was just a short term “solution” to a problem and we need to move on to more important matters now. The real ongoing problems this country has – mainly healthcare and getting workers a livable wage. They need to figure out how to get people those things without cooperation from Republicans because you know they won’t get it and people desperately need it.

  15. FatFreddysCoat says

    “Not a single republican voted for stimulus cheques, but on the plus side they all voted for another $1bn for more weapons for Israel”

  16. IsGoingTTaM says

    The Republican Party doesn’t care about the US and cares even less about its base.

  17. rottenghoul2 says

    Plot twist: they don’t care. Trump stimulus checks = good for the economy. Biden stimulus check = socialism bad/ handouts. They’re the stupidest fucking creatures on the planet and we all have to suffer for their lack of critical thinking.

  18. Rsubs33 says

    Should be on every ad for midterms

  19. _A_Day_In_The_Life_ says

    They also canceled federal unemployment for a bill that was already passed and going to end in September…. Just so they could stick it to democrats. They are cancer. I’m embarrassed I ever voted republican. You can be damn sure I won’t again. They don’t care able their people at all.

  20. reddit_1999 says

    But they had no problem with the six TRILLION dollar stimulus lifesaver thrown to Wall St last year, that’s for sure. Vote them out, they don’t care a bit about the working class.

  21. CoasterKamikaze says

    Yet tell any republican this they’ll say “If YoU kNeW wHaT wAs In ThE bIlL yOu WoUlDn’T sUpPoRt It EiThEr” but they never read it themselves.

  22. sdwdqw65 says

    Trump passed 2 stimulus packages totaling 2.6 trillion.

    Republicans and Democrats in the congress voted for both stimulus packages.

    Biden passed 1 stimulus package costing 1.9 trillion in total.

    Only Democrats voted for it, Republicans in the congress voted no and their argument was it was too expensive.

    This is a microcosm of politics in this country, democrats will work with Republicans when Republicans are in office but Republicans don’t work with democrats when democrats are in office.

    Also Republicans will say something is “too expensive” when a democrat proposes it but then have no problem supporting even more expensive stuff from Republican presidents.

    In summary, democrats work to make the country better Republicans work to make the Republicans keep getting elected.

  23. SigourneyWeinerLover says

    Remember that time when the American people had to bail out Wall Street even tho they weren’t the ones who made irresponsible choices? And then millions and millions of those tax payers lost their homes and pensions and retirement savings? And then Wall Street executives and shareholders took that tax payer bailout money and spent it on massages and luxury hotels and severance packages? Lol.

    We got money for the rich that comes from the poor: apparently that’s capitalism. But when the poor need money because of global pandemic? Then and ONLY THEN is it considered a “handout” or “socialism.”

  24. mnorthwood13 says

    But apparently that wasn’t a concern to Manchin

  25. spradhan46 says

    I doubt they care.

  26. whacafan says

    And let’s not forget how they all left us out to dry for months and months and months with NOTHING. It’s nice to have unemployment benefits now if you need them and the stimulus but so many months with suffering Americans and they took vacation after vacation. They all suck.

  27. wish1977 says

    But they love you, you’re very special.

  28. Wy_lie says

    Not a single republican voted for for a bipartisan commission into January sixth in the senate. There is no bipartisanship posiable.

  29. Throebach says

    Fuck GOP

  30. FolkPunkPizza says

    How many conservative voters do you think refused to take the money lmao

  31. SeeMe_After_Class says

    Looks like it’s gonna be a year and a half of democrats rubbing this in voter’s faces while they struggle to get anything else passed.

    If we lived in a world of rational people it would work. Republicans had power for four years. What did you get? Tax cuts for the wealthy. Democrats were in power two months, they revitalized a struggling middle class. It’s such a stark contrast that it would be hard to ignore. If, of course, you are a rational voter. Sadly, most voters are not.

  32. benadrylpill says

    They don’t vote for literally anything. They’re a pure opposition party. They don’t even introduce legislation anymore. They just oppose and grift.

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