1. _xlar54_ says

    Anyone interested in the cost… this is [10 billion dollars spent](https://www.fiercepharma.com/pharma/pfizer-biontech-s-u-s-supply-deal-price-tag-leaves-room-for-decent-profit-covid-19-shot). ($20 per dose for Pfizer, according this per-shot cost article. Prices may have come down since)

  2. BlurryBigfoot74 says

    If you wanna keep a forest fire from spreading to your property, it makes sense to wet the surrounding area. This is a global problem and the better the world does the better all countries do.

  3. AFlockOfTySegalls says

    Finally, my tax money going to something good.

  4. sclsmdsntwrk says

    Pfizer’s lobbyists should get a raise.

  5. Systemfailedv13 says

    500 million? That’s so fucking great! I like hearing about the US helping out.

  6. TA_faq43 says

    To those whining about wasting taxpayer money, that donation will generate more goodwill and prevent radicalization of potential terrorists than all the bombs dropped in Iraq and Afghanistan, or something like that.

    It’s all about soft power so you don’t have to use a stick.

  7. Dear-Crow says

    They are using my money for something good. Yay.

  8. Rance_Mulliniks says

    As a Canadian. USA! USA! USA! Way to go guys!

    Very impressive.

  9. migs9000 says

    We’ll give anyone free healthcare except americans

  10. SwPsyko says

    Cool do insulin next

  11. makemelearn says

    Biden flexing with tax money

  12. califord says

    Correction: WE* are donating 500 million doses. Good job tax payers, we are saving the world.

  13. byAndrewsDesign says

    that’s one way to get trade going again

  14. VeryHairyJewbacca says

    As a Pfizer employee working on the vaccine team, I like this

  15. 1984isheretostay says

    Coming from a country that won’t regulate or subsidize the price of insulin for their own citizens, I find this a little odd.

  16. stockonly13 says

    Should read American generosity and it’s taxpayers to help out the rest of the world again.

  17. Raam57 says

    Correction: US tax payers

  18. RoozterBoozter says

    America’s tax payers*. It’s good that this is being done, but let’s not pretend it’s his money.

  19. StephCurryMustard says

    That’s an odd way to phrase that.

  20. demonspawns_ghost says

    The greatest transfer of wealth in recent history. I guess another Lehman Brother situation was too obvious, they had the get a bit more creative this time.

  21. UncleAl_2020 says

    Send some to Trinidad and Tobago, they need it!

  22. Gthophase3 says

    So glad my taxes are finally being used for good.

  23. seewhaticare says

    Hello USA, can Australia have a few spares? Like 27 million. Our prime Minister is forgot to order our doses.

  24. GoreForce420 says

    Cool, or lift the patent and let other companies make it.

  25. HomeAl0ne says

    Can they send us some to here in Australia? Our government couldn’t organise a round of drinks at an open bar…

  26. DubiousDude28 says

    Man I shouldve invested in big pharma at the start of this

  27. Thankgoditsryeday says

    The Marshal Plan 2.0 and a nice solid reminder to the world that while China might be the world’s factory, they will never be able to compete with the USA as the world hegemon.

    Smart. This is the kind of power projection the U.S should engage in more regullarly.

  28. ritchiefw says

    When US doing vaccine diplomacy : “yeah i think its a good idea, for a better world”

    When Other countries doing vaccine diplomacy : “what are the motives? I’m sure there are strings attached, or maybe the vaccines have some chip in it?”

    People who thinks that way are hypocrites

  29. SpaceTruckinIX says

    Here come the conspiracy theorists with their tin foil hats!

  30. insaneintheblain says

    Even if this is partly self-serving, this is where America really shines.

    Thank you America.

  31. DifferentRoads says

    Glad for this. We should be doing our part, as the wealthiest nation in the world, to help ease the pain that so much of the world is feeling acutely. It’s been great to see so many countries and companies helping each other out, but equally painful to see others taking advantage of the pandemic for financial gain.

    Moments in history like these truly do rip the veil off both the good and bad in society and human nature.

  32. raffaga777 says

    Great! Good Politician Move ! Usa needs the World to work!

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