1. thenativeshape says

    I imagine putting a cat in this would make it do that reversing thing cats do when they get their head stuck in a plant pot. Highly unintimidating in battle

  2. lvki922 says

    meow meow motherfuckers

  3. Mang0el says

    I need this for my cat, we both depressed but when im sad shes my white knight saving me

  4. Knight-Lurker says

    “Do not fuck with Mittens!”

  5. PatatoTheMispelled says

    This is blessed

  6. Tr3v0r007 says

    Palico armor*

  7. Led_Halen says

    Where’s the suit of armor you need to put that thing on the cat?

  8. Puzzleheaded-Bag4394 says

    Nothing is gonna penetrate that pussy

  9. Mystacron says

    Damn that’s some cool looking palico armour

  10. Nyte_Krawlah says

    ‘Go and visit the village blacksmith for upgrades to your armor, Meowster’

  11. MarcoTheMouse says

    It is time for a fuckin catsade

  12. MarcoTheMouse says

    I am sure the cat consented beautifully when it was time to put it on.

  13. Fluxdragon1 says

    My cats armor in monster hunter looks like that

  14. lovingthestocks says

    Can it stop a car though?

  15. Sp00py_Cat says

    The fuck happened that a cat needed to have armour

  16. taurusmoonhorseearth says

    The knight who says Nyaa.

  17. TheNeighborsKid2007 says

    Always safe to use protection.

  18. linccy says

    Is this from a museum or something?? Please help us with more info OP

  19. CyberGrandma69 says

    /r/Calgary comes up in the weirdest places

  20. Fawkingretar says

    Okay two questions:

    1. why are they sending cats to battle?

    2. why would you stab a random cat in battle?

  21. Bancatone says

    I fail to see how this is blursed

  22. KittyHawk456 says

    Imagine putting this on a cat and it just flops down on its side like cats do when they have costumes on

  23. Icepick823 says

    Armor fit for Ser Pounce, first of his name, and the Prince who was Promised. Considering what happened in s8, why not a fucking cat? It be an improvement.

  24. Lanky-Fondant9587 says

    *Anything is a dildo if you’re brave enough…*

  25. Rayman_JC_ says


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