1. teentytinty says

    the only thing i see at atlanta pride is political campaign trucks, banks, atlanta based corporations forcing employees to walk behind their floats in rainbow leis, one to two ru girls, and then FINALLY Dykes on Bikes and some leather daddies.

  2. nangaritense says

    The consensus seems to be that these people are confusing Folsom and Pride. Also saw a fair number of people wishing Pride was like that. 😆

  3. Knocknerve says

    Also just to clarify for those out of the loop, Folsom is an adults only event that is completely cordoned off from public view. It takes money, effort, and proof of age to access it.

    So while yes it may literally take place in the street (in Folsom East’s case, a street commercially zoned for bars & clubs, there are no family residences looking down into it), it is very much a private event one cannot just wander into, despite videos people post misconstruing it as just another public pride event.

  4. KitKatMasterJapan says

    People need to focus on a real issue: accessibility at pride.

    Wheelchair ramps, sign language interpreters, captions, neuro-divergent acccesible spaces/tools.

  5. StefBerlin says

    Look, I’ve accidentally ended up on a closed up street where a kink event was happening during Pride. I saw subs on leashes, a lot of latex and even more leather daddies, but even there, I did not see anyone having sex. Yeah, I hurried through because I was an intruder and just wanted to feed my friend’s cat, but I think I would’ve noticed a full on orgy going on.

  6. gremilyns says

    I grew in brighton, famously gay, and I can tell you for a fact that neither I, my siblings, my friends, or anybody else as kids were *ever* scarred by what we saw at pride. Never ever.

    As a kid, if you don’t have shitty intolerant parents, the shit you saw at pride all sort of felt like part of the fun. Like as a kid it’s just kind of hilarious to see a guy in nothing but assless chaps. Like at the most you have a giggle with your friends about having seen some boobs or whatever.

    Like, the fact that it *wasn’t* strictly ‘kid friendly’ made it feel more fun? It’s not like these adults ever did anything inappropriate? I just don’t think that these ‘think of the children!!’ people have ever actually interacted with children, bc the kids do not care. I think the thing most likely to upset certain kids is that it’s very busy and loud, which is understandable, not anything else.

  7. BoomBoomGun says

    I can say this, I grew up in Montreal and when I went to my first pride event I was *horrified*. All the things that I was told were bad and I should be ashamed of were being celebrated and not even a second thought was given to the sexuality of gay men. You see two guys kissing? Literally no one cares. A guy is walking around in a speedo? No.one.cared. I felt like that was wrong because sex is wrong and why are we allowing this but of course a lot less straight forward, I’m saying this with the power of hindsight lmao

    It was like a mirror was brought up to my face and it took a while for me to feel comfortable because of my own demons in regards to my sexuality. I would NEVER want pride to neuter itself because that is the entire fucking point. We should not feel ashamed about our sexuality and it should be celebrated and having these uncomfortable moments is part of the process.

  8. kayrosa44 says

    This is literally what my parents used to tell me Pride was all about when I was a kid, and that was why “we” as a family don’t support.

    Welp… jokes on them, I’m still queer af and they’re wrong about Pride so wrong on both fronts lmaoo

  9. jmdierkhising04 says

    using SF pride as an example:
    The pride parade is traditionally on sunday. Its usually very wholesome, fun floats and walking ect… Saturday is sort of a street fair. There are booths and you can buy things and talk to groups/organizations. People chilling outside drinking ect… The pink party has performances and dancing. still no real nudity. lots of people dressed in skimpy clothes and leather yes. Boobs yes. But those are not issues. Friday is usually more night time with lots of clubs doing pride events and promotions. still no real nudity. And if there is, its actually kept in distinct locations. dont go near those or just change directions.

    Using SLO pride:
    one day. Small dt area. Just booths. very calm, very rated E.

    There are many different types of pride!

  10. tabinom says

    I am noticing alot of Gen z proofs they are showing are all pics/vids from folsom

  11. oddjobsyorozuya says

    Do Gen Z in America really look at pride events this way? Because in my country (Turkey) that’s something conservative boomers would say so it’s weird.

  12. CapHillStoner says

    I’ve never seen public sex at an official pride event or the parade in my 20 some years going to or volunteering for pride. Folsom Street Fair yes but that is not a pride event or parade.

  13. luminella says

    I ‘love’ how in countries with anti-lgbt rhetoric this is exactly what conservatives say. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard people in my country say they’re against prides because everyone’s either “naked” or “fucking in front of children” lmao. there’s never been a pride here so I know it’s state propaganda but what excuse do these western puritans have?

  14. isntagramuser says

    You can tell 99% of the ppl who are anti kink at pride haven’t ever been to pride as their stories are all the exact same, like word for word, they just copy some fake tiktok that went viral of someone else who hasn’t been to pride talking about men being on leashes and pissing on each other in the middle of the street.

    The only ones who have been do this desperate attempt to make something out of nothing eg. Being handed condoms or seeing people wearing leather.

  15. jezusisabistquic says

    I think its worth noting the ones within our community that are for “cleaning up pride” and keeping the police there, are either 1) too young to have experienced targeted police brutality or 2) currently in /aspire a place of power they feel will be taken away.

  16. MAXSELLSEY says

    People will push any narrative to be homophobic the whole “gays get a month but veterans don’t” happens every year when they do have a month people just choose to ignore it

  17. Same_Independent_393 says

    I once saw a guy eating another guys ass in a public car park at 7am…it wasn’t Pride though, just a random Monday morning in Sydney

  18. NoirStarlet says

    I think Gen Z has a misrepresented view of pride, and in their attempt to seem woke they repeat talking points used by anti-lgbtq+ conservatives and paint the community as sexual deviants preying on the youth.

    Also I am not sure how the law works everywhere, but aren’t there laws against sex in public areas anyways? Why are some Gen Z kids acting like somehow pride (and subsequently wearing harnesses and skimpy outfits) allows for people to have public sex in front of children or nonconsenting people in general? I don’t think I ever seen anyone advocate for it; as a matter of fact, I’ve heard that there are designated areas for adults who do wish to engage in sex “publicly”, but away from unsuspecting individuals.

    Could there be cases where people had sex in public during a pride parade? Sure, but

    1. They are isolated cases, and do not represent pride (and the people who wear what they want) overall.
    2. The “proofs” that are presented are always bad as they tend to be pictures from Folsom or similar events.

    Also lets not pretend like straight people haven’t gotten naked at sports games or behave in more sexual behaviors publicly than those commonly seen at pride parades. There are literally couple shirts talking about how babies are made.

  19. AuralSculpture says

    These idiots who view old as “over 40”.

  20. cameygordan says

    In before this one is locked too

  21. chee-cake says

    I highly recommend reading this [Pride, Kink, and the “Smol Bean–Industrial Complex”](https://www.bitchmedia.org/article/kink-at-pride-discourse-roars-on) writeup about the situation if you’re out of the loop.

  22. CassiopeiaStillLife says

    There’s a big problem in activist communities where conservative and reactionary rhetoric is rebranded to sound Woke.

  23. Msaeachubaetss says

    I’ve marched in pride in three different cities. I’ve attended pride in 7 others. I have yet to see any of this debauchery.

    Hell. I went to a fucking circuit party in NYC for the 50 year anniversary. You know? World pride and all? And there was nary a blowjob to be seen.

    If anything, pride has become more corporate. A jockstrap and harness arent the display of sexuality you think they are.

  24. la_mujer_roja47 says

    I’ve seen a whole lot of nearly naked people, and way too many old guys in nipple clamps and a Borat bikini to even count, and I still take my kids every year. When we see that, I tell my children, that’s just how they like to dress. They’re fine with it, I’m fine with it, what’s the problem?

  25. newtoreddir says

    Is there truly a groundswell movement to sanitize pride or is this just a case of a few articles seizing on a few tweets with maybe 50 to 100 followers and trying to turn it into a narrative?

  26. rada124 says

    Me: Alexa show me a ven diagram of gen z’ers complaining about BDSM clothing at pride and the gen z’ers who wear dog collars to school.

    Alexa: Ok, here’s what I found. *shows a circle*

  27. silentspy0 says

    Queer culture is centered around freedom of expression of sexual and gender identities. When there’s an expression of sexual identity, it’s not something where adults and minors should always have to intersect (for obvious reasons).

    Yes, it’s not like people are fucking on the streets to begin with, but if expression of sexuality is something that makes you uncomfortable, don’t go. If you feel too young to see that, then you probably are.

    It is not for you. It is not about you.

    Queer culture is not just a celebration of colorful flags. It is not an aesthetic.

    We can’t critique corporations for using rainbow capitalism during pride month and then demand the same at ACTUAL pride so that it sanitized for minors.

    The whole thing reminds me of when gay teens complain about Grindr or gay bars being inaccessible or inappropriate for them, but a part of queer culture. Not everything is for kids—and it shouldn’t have to be.

  28. Karimsucks says

    As someone who fell for this fake narrative for a hot sec a year ago (I’m 20 now). It’s fully a false moral panic. No one has sex in the middle of the street at pride, honestly it wouldn’t shock me if it’s 4chan and it’s usual stupidity. If someone did have sex in the middle of the street it’s probably a HYPER small number of accidents, indecent exposure laws still exist. Kink wear should always be at pride, and if someone does have sex in the middle of a busy street where people are marching I can’t imagine it’s exactly the easiest place to maintain a fucking erection. Honestly I still facepalm at myself for falling for this fake narrative that people be fuckin randomly at pride.

  29. Fryd_chuckless says

    I disagree with Bob. I don’t want pride parades to change into some crazy nonesense about queer people celebrating their sexual orientations, identities and hard-earned liberties to be themselves. No. I want it to be about what it’s always been about, big businesses’ pandering to the LGBTQ+ community only because it profits them to do so now. I don’t want to be reminded about community representation and that kind of stuff, just give me rainbows and free key chains /s

  30. ljb9 says

    louder for the back row bob 💯

  31. cornell256 says

    Yeah, where have you seen a Pride parade with old men fucking in the street? Where specifically? I’m going to need an address…to see for myself 👀🤤

  32. WelshBathBoy says

    First time (and only) I ever saw public sex was a straight middle aged couple on a beach in Florida, just saying.

  33. superdevin64 says

    To be honest, Pride has gotten so mainstream and commercial that it’s rather boring now. Not sure what all the ‘kink’ fuss is about.

  34. milleria says

    I’m a geriatric millennial. Serious question- where is gen z talking about this? Ive seen dozens of news articles and posts responding to gen z pride kink shaming, but I’m not sure what they’re actually responding to.

  35. ClareApparently says

    It’s a completely fake and made up concern! I’ve been to more Pride parades and festivals than I can possibly count and have never seen anyone having sex out in the open. Not a single time.

  36. QuQuarQan says

    I am in no way defending the younger people’s puritanical ideas about sex/kink at Pride events, but they also had a different upbringing than the older generations.

    Firstly, thanks to the older generations fighting for their rights, they now have the ability to lead relatively normal lives. They can marry a same-sex partner, get a mortgage together and, depending on where you live, have the same rights to exists as everyone else, including legal protections to ensure those rights.

    The other side of the coin is that they also have unprecedented access to pornography. While porn has existed for centuries in some form or other, now, anyone can access pretty much any type of porn easily and in large numbers. I’m 43, and my childhood porn was the men’s underwear section of the Sears catalogue. Later, I was able to sneak into my older sister’s room and look at the couple of Playgirl mags she had. In my early adulthood, I was finally able to snag a few magazines from the very back, hidden areas of a news shop. Now, young people can easily find porn of bdsm gangbang-anal-fisting-piss-enema-bukkake-incest-furry-sounding-etc. Any 12 y/o with an internet connection can find this stuff pretty easily. It’s generally too much for a young developing mind to take without some sort of negative repercussions, so the idea of sex becomes less appealing, as it is tainted by those images that they weren’t ready for.

    Kink is fine, and does need to appear at Pride events in appropriate ways, but I do understand where the Gen Z “Karens” are coming from.

  37. B2Rocketfan77 says

    If people are so scared of seeing anything besides kiddy rides and balloon clown at Pride they may need to stay home. I’m not saying they Have to stay away. I’m just saying Pride isn’t about appealing to just 12 year olds. I think it’s cool in St. Louis that they have a separate area for the teenagers to hang out so they can have their own area. They can go anywhere they want of course, but it’s cool that they also have their own place.

  38. thislittlewiggy says

    This problem is not real, it’s just alt-right trolls trying to demonize the LGBTQ+ community as a recruitment tactic, same with the pedophiles trying to be “included” in the community, or QAnon wanting to “save the children”. Talking about it only serves to legitimize the discourse around it. **Stop falling for the obvious bait.** It happens every year, without fail. And it’s always, ***always*** bullshit.

    You haven’t seen old men fucking in the middle of the street at Pride events because it doesn’t happen. As others have pointed out, the pictures they provide as proof are either from the Folsom Street events or just outright porn screencaps. I’m also wiling to bet some are staged fakes. Regardless, **this isn’t a real issue**; it’s a hollow bullshit “think of the children” plea to trick people into believing or repeating far right nonsense about The Gays^(tm) being degenerate sex-crazed maniacs trying to destroy and warp the minds of children.

    It’s Far-Right Grifting 101.

    Make up something that is:

    – 1) Entirely false, but sounds real or likely enough and

    – 2) very hard to speak against.

    Children are easy pickins for this. Who is going to say “No, let’s not worry about protecting children”? Exactly. Now they’ve got you believing this bullshit, or at the very least talking about it as if it’s a real issue that needs to be sorted out. Next you’ll be talking about Super Straights and Straight Pride. Then QAnon drops and underground palaces where a cabal of elites sacrifice children and literally bathe in their blood. You may think I’m exaggerating or being dramatic, but it’s literally how pretty much every QAnon person got hooked.

    I beg of you, don’t engage with this discussion, just either ignore it or call it out for the nonsense it is, and move on.

  39. DoctorNocturnum says

    Sweetie, they are getting confused with folsom

  40. alexblueuk says

    Manchester Pride parade has furries and leather daddies and happens to be a perfectly family friendly event. Kids just see them as costumes. No big deal.

  41. CraigArndt says

    If seeing 2 grown men kiss and/or hold hands makes you feel uncomfortable and think of sex, maybe your reaction shouldn’t be to reject these pride parades but embrace them. They might be more for you than you initially realize.

  42. 1BoiledCabbage says

    Too true. My city’s pride parade has never had anyone like that. Shirtless? I saw it once. The most we get is gay firemen dressed in tight shirts and fire fighting pants and they throw out candy to the crowd.

  43. turtle-thief says

    I hate that we’re generalizing Gen Z as a hive mind? There can be conservative gen Z, as well as overly “woke” ones that want to rebel for the sake of it without knowing the history that has led Pride to be the way it is. Everyone can be trash!

    The Gen Z teens that are sex positive, supportive of their community and chill af, are not the ones confusing Folsom for Pride, and lying about seeing sexual acts in front of children.

  44. Elysiaa says

    I can’t remember the context. Was this coming from inside or outside the community? I’ve definitely seen some younger queer folks talk about having a toned down family friendly event. Almost like they’re trying to get the approval of the straights. As Bob would say, this is *wild*.

    We will all be old some day if we’re lucky. Props to older people being sexy and sexual.

  45. yungbdavis94 says

    I’ve been to NYC Pride many a time and there was not a single instance of people fucking in the middle of the street in front of children.

    I really think Gen Z needs to stop falling for Pridefall nonsense from 4chan. It’s embarrassing.

  46. scroopynoopersdid911 says

    Naked bike ride Philadelphia, not pride affiliated.

  47. blkhatwhtdog says

    I lived in San Fran from the mid 70s to late 90s… no there wasn’t actual fucking in the street, but there sure was a hell of a lot of simulated sex on the parade floats … But it wasn’t by old men, (lets face it, the old school dudes were kinda still cowed by the decades of near communist informer like moral rulers, they lived and loved while society viewed their existance was a sin, that reaching out could get you arrested by vice cops, your name on public record, fired from your job. But the young ones were as exuberant as hetros when the pill became legally available a few years earlier.

  48. allthebooksandwine says

    There is (or was) a race in France called Marvejols-Mende and on the night it finishes, after a celebratory dinner, competitors do a final lap of the town. Apparently it became a tradition to run this in the nude, or at the very least end it in the nude. I was 16 when I was visiting the town and saw the variety from people running in scrubs with the ass cut out to men with nothing but penis masks (I’ll just say elephant and leave the rest to your imagination).

    Can’t imagine I would have seen much worse at Pride!

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