1. CarverS1996 says

    The question isn’t how good are your whoppers, or how good your service is, it’s what do you stand for?? Who are you, Burger King??

  2. Xadenek says

    Fuck chick-fil-a

  3. aamurusko79 says

    i don’t care much about BK, but damn if some people are just sadly ignorant about CFA. i’ve heard so many excuses like ‘but their chicken sandwhiches are so good!’. yeah, that’ll make me feel better when they fund organizations that want to throw queer people under the bus.

  4. rushmc1 says

    I haven’t tried any of the chicken sandwich war sandwiches, but I went and bought two at Burger King yesterday.

  5. Anthropocene says

    “Up to $250,000.”

    Nice try, but this is only virtue signaling.

  6. Fizney says

    Makes me wonder that if wwii happened in present day america how many of them would support an organization that poured funding into death camps just because “their food tastes good”

  7. ElectricJacob says

    Y’all should support Project Pollo. They’ve stated that their goal is putting Chick-fil-A out of business by 2030.

  8. Kolkom says

    I doubt BK gives a flying intercourse about LGBTQ rights. Just a smart (cynical) business decision to increase pride month sales.

  9. in_the_no_know says

    Almost makes me want to eat fast food…. But nope. Good on BK though!

  10. TheChalbs says

    I’d rather eat a cold whopper off the ground than eat at Shit-fil-A. Fuck them

  11. BuccaneerRex says

    Nobody ever bragged that they once got busy in a Chick-fil-A bathroom.

  12. rubbar says

    LGBT is alrights with me.

    I like the gays, that’s why I don’t eat Chick-fil-A’s.

  13. bunnyjenkins says

    I don’t think Chick-fil-A’s fake try for LGBTQ+ support, is aimed at actual LGBTQ+ folks. Most can remember CFA holding the hate flag just a few years ago, only recently did the play the White Jesus victim card, just as the Mormon church did after sponsoring Prop 8 – *Poor us – the victim of our own hate, we are now the victim.*

    Chick-fil-A is just as hateful, and their facade is aimed at haters, so they can feel better about themselves. It’s similar to the – *but I have a black friend -* that racists say to themselves to feel like they are Christian.

  14. wactuallyyours says

    Im not interested in Burger King, but fuck ChickFila and everyone who shrugs and gives them money.

  15. Never_Kn0ws_Best says

    BK is shit food but this is is cool.

  16. BenderDaCat says

    the king is on our side

  17. Ja_Conceited says

    I just tried burger king’s new chicken sandwich and it wasn’t good at all

  18. Searchlights says

    I’m opening DoorDash right now. I was on the fence about lunch but this decided it. I don’t know when the last time I had Burger King was but I like chicken sandwiches so let’s try this.

    If anybody cares, I’ll report back with pictures and a review.

    Chicken sandwich from Burger King https://imgur.com/gallery/DbZpIAD

    Well, gay chicken is good. The breading is pretty thick and crispy and it gives the whole patty a nice textured thickness. I got the Spicy Deluxe version. I’d say it’s probably cayenne pepper for the heat. It’s spicy enough to know it’s intended to be a spicy chicken sandwich but nothing that’s going to burn your mouth unless you’re very sensitive.

  19. Commentariat1 says

    > takes shot

    They’d score a direct hit if they started selling awesome chicken products instead.

  20. fr0z3nf1r3 says

    I prefer bk over most fast food places everyone in here is so mean wtf

  21. timeforanotherban says

    and yet chick-fil-a gets increasingly popular while burger king has only had marginal increases in interest.


  22. niptate says

    If Burger King wants to hurt Chick Fil A, they should make a better chicken sandwich. Because the one they are selling now is absolutely horrible.

  23. Shivshanks says

    looks like I’m getting some burger king.

  24. MulberryBlaze says

    And this has what to do with atheism? At all?

  25. 1969blablabla says

    Way to go BK!!

  26. tentativeOrch says

    Well, I’m still not eating at either franchise.

  27. nicholasbees says

    Realistically this is just going to make Chickfila more money

    Anytime someone tries to “stick-it-to-them” or cancel them, that makes their fanbase come out in droves.

    Its like when AOC tried to cancel Goya for supporting Trump but instead just gave them fantastic sales for a month

  28. JIM78559 says

    This is great but why not donate it just because?

    Also their chicken sandwich is the worst out of all the ones Ive tried from other restaurants.

  29. biscobingo says

    I wish BK food didn’t suck, though.

  30. mewtron says

    This won’t work on the grounds that BK’s chicken is terrabad.

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