Can You Name More Than 176 Disney Characters?


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It’s simultaneously easier and harder than you think.

Many moons ago (JK, like, two years), I made this quiz. It’s a simple task: Name as many Disney characters as you can in seven minutes.

The comments were overwhelmed with people posting their scores. Some were more believable than others.

So, I decided a bit of healthy competition was in order. This is Slothlover_023. They were able to name 176 Disney characters in the time limit.

My question is…can you beat them?

Try out the quiz below and, to keep it fair to Slothlover_023, this quiz has not been updated since it was originally posted (aka, there are no characters from movies released after Ralph Breaks the Internet).

Disney / Audrey Worboys / BuzzFeed

Just to let you know, these are only animated characters from Disney Animation Studios and Pixar full-length feature films with a theatrical release. If you try to type in Figment or Launchpad McQuack, you’re going to have a bad time. Good luck!

I WANT PROOF. If you beat 176, screenshot your score and put it in the comments. Will you wear the new Ultimate Disney Character Naming crown?

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