1. what-would-reddit-do says

    I’m sure this started with “Hey rookie!”

  2. threedogcircus says

    This was so precious.

  3. HoboDrunk91 says

    I had this same situation happen to me about a year ago. I went out to meet an uber eats driver, and as soon as I went out, the driver pointed to a skunk with a tim hortons cup on its head and he says “we have to help it!”. He then stood behind his car and watched as I went over and pulled the cup off its head. The skunk just kind of stared at me for a few seconds before running off, but it didn’t spray.

  4. NotCreative479 says

    I see you’re bold, but are you also daring?

  5. face297 says

    That skunk spray is nothing to play with

  6. MrMetaIMan says

    I have a story of a polar opposite situation. When I was about 12, we had a skunk in our backyard that wasn’t leaving. I can’t remember who, but somebody in my house called the police, and an officer came by to assess the situation. I swear I turned away from the officer and skunk for about 5 seconds, and all of the sudden I heard a loud BANG! Turned around to find the officer had shot the skunk dead. I ran in to tell my mom and when we came back out, we saw the officer driving away holding a bag with the skunk out his window. (You could smell it right when you walked outside) Back then I thought he was such an asshole. Only now that I’m remembering this story, that I realize maybe it was a rabid skunk. Maybe my feelings towards the officer was unwarranted all these years I realize now haha

  7. -EmmiD says


  8. squirrellytoday says


  9. tux68 says

    Defume the police!

  10. SassyBonassy says

    Have I been in quarantine too long or is that cop an absolute RIDE 😍

  11. myst3ry714 says

    Yay! Wholesome cop post!

  12. shewy92 says

    I think the conversation before this was “Hey rookie, go deal with that”

  13. EnclG4me says

    I was doing a burglary alarm responce once at a movie theater. The culprit was a baby skunk that had its head stuck in a Tim Horton’s cup and somehow blindly wondered in through an open door during hours of operation. When they closed up and armed the perimeter, the poor little guy set off about a dozen motion alarms.

    It was the Cineplex on Fairway in Kitchener Ontario just as it was nearing completion of construction. Wild times.

  14. nonickavailable says

    Nothing to see here, folks. It’s just the usual textbook skunk head de-cupping they teach in the academy.

  15. Snaz5 says

    He is VERY careful to not be right behind the skunk.

  16. willyc3766 says

    Cat’s head in a jar now this skunk’s in a cup….what’s next today Reddit? A giraffe in a trash can?

  17. hardwoodboi says

    I’m proud to call Canada our neighbor. The best hat the U.S. has ever had.

  18. ElManchego57 says

    I saw a skunk like this one time and I called my dad for advice. He told me that they won’t spray if they can’t see you so throw a blanket over top, pull the jar off, back away, and let the skunk escape.

    I asked if he had done this before and he responded “oh, hell no!”

    Animal control did show up and use that exact technique.

  19. stfleming1 says

    I’d rather disarm a bear trap. At least they don’t panic

  20. BigOlPirate says


  21. lizzy_zig says

    In my little town we got a rookie cop. Within a few days of him being there. The whole town was talking about how he was running around downtown trying to shoot a skunk.

  22. taco_chicken says

    We know about that. It’s a Toronto skunk. My jurisdiction.

  23. IsaacEiland-Hall says

    I tell ya, if he had ended up injuring that poor animal, it would have raised a huge stink about it!

  24. Aderhold22 says

    Good guy Lt. Dangle

  25. TheMightyKickpuncher says

    Hey get back in that car and call animal control to help, you crazy person.

  26. Fun_Wonder_4114 says

    On Saturday I was leaving my house to go on a bike ride, and I forgot my water bottle so I turned around and there was a cop parked on the next road over, so I yelled “hey cop, make sure no one steals my bike” and did the point at my eyes with two fingers, point at them, then point at my bike and went back inside.

  27. Apeshaft says

    How bad is the smell of skunk spray? We don’t have those here in Sweden. On a scale from 1 to surströmming?

  28. GMSB says

    I’m glad you labeled this as Canada so I didn’t have to worry if the skunk got shot at the end

  29. Homura_Kagari says

    I love he got the cup THEN WAS GONE lol

  30. PickleKipp says

    We know who the rookie is

  31. bigchicago04 says

    Partner staying in the car to film

  32. sineofthetimes says

    Wild skunks running around the neighborhood?

  33. BSC12MD says

    Above and beyond the call of duty. Good job!!!

  34. zoe2dot says

    The only time I’ve been adamantly pro the “thin blue line” is wanting this video to be longer. Knowing it was ending soon made it bitterstink.

  35. helen269 says

    I wish this had been shot horizontally, it would have looked so much better framed that way.

  36. cptahab69 says

    [Meanwhile back in the USA](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzRuCbBnvOs)

  37. brownbai81 says

    A US cop would’ve fear for his/her life and shot it, reload and shoot it again.

  38. Turtadray says

    You can’t tell this isn’t America because he didn’t use his glock to solve the problem /s

  39. [deleted] says


  40. bmbreath says

    He should have taken off his vest and belt. That would have been very expensive if he got sprayed, that would never come out

  41. Doopadaptap says

    >15 year old dumbass that went for it. It’s an epidemic, but we’re merely observing. Other than that, yes. We help each other all the time . Used to try blocking them from merging but these people are so crazy aggressive, they will straight hit your car if you don’t wanna watch the whole thing

    Edit : sheep…lol…it’s called “Exhibition of power” in Nevada.

  42. sonkev34 says

    When a skunk dies does it…release it’s squirt?

  43. AlwaysSunny19145 says

    No need to clarify this was Canada. When the cop didn’t start shooting at the skunk, it quickly became clear it wasn’t the States

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