1. Saint_Clair says

    Not to be cynical but what kind of business doesn’t take payment upfront for custom products? At least to cover materials.

  2. G0ldenDog says

    the thing is though i saw this on a different sub and luckily the next day there was a huge line of customers and they got all sold out of cookies 🥰 so not the entire situation was horrible

  3. el_nemesis says

    There was a second part to this that included a picture of a bunch of people gathered outside the store for the cookies! The owner was overjoyed!

  4. froggie-style-meme says

    In their latest update, it turns out they had a significant increase in customers and a lot of people came to support them. So that’s a few cancelled orders out of the many they fulfilled this month.

    They filled and did so many orders, I think they ran out of the cookies.

    Edit: apparently this comment blew up. Thankies:)

  5. iamnotahermitcrab says

    Does anyone know where this happened

  6. ClaraWallace27 says

    Instagram is just a dark rainbow

  7. Dankie_Spankie says

    There was a follow up to this. The next day they had so many people come in they had to close early becouse they sold out everything. It has aparently been like this for a couple of days now and they’re doing well.

  8. Mercy9989 says

    Humans are stupid

  9. mikevilla1222 says

    Seriously if people cancelled orders because of rainbow shaped or rainbow decorated cookies, then they’re not the customers you want to have

  10. BaldNightmare says

    It sounds like a lot of the same homophobes made their way into this thread to try to discredit the business anyway they can by now claiming they made it up.

  11. Thenderick says

    Imagine being offended because someone else loves someone of the same gender. I can never wrap my head around this, why all this hate? If those people think that homosexuals are going to hell (or something like that), then sure, they go to hell, and how does that impact them? It’s not like because someone else is gay that you go to hell… Let them go to hell (according to their believes). But yeah, I don’t think anyone could convince those people to accept lgbtq… It’s a shame this has to happen over love. Keep loving who you love, I will support you!

  12. ElyjaGamingYT says

    I would take entire stock if I wasn’t poor

  13. kummer5peck says

    People lined up around the block to buy up Chic-fil-a just because of their homophobia. If those people supported one business because they were homophobic then why wouldn’t they stop supporting another business because they are tolerant? Anyone calling this a publicity stunt is just sad.

  14. Hakase64 says

    I don’t get whats so offensive about rainbow heart shaped cookies.

  15. i_dive_4_the_halibut says

    Fuck all this homophobic shit, man. As a straight, white, male, I say love whomever you’re gonna love. Your loving someone of the same gender doesn’t affect me one bit… and it shouldn’t affect anyone else, either. Smdh it’s like incredulous that people still gotta deal with stuff like this on the reg.

  16. TTV_Embrstar17 says

    Damn those cookies look like they taste really good, too.

  17. SOMNUS_THRONE says

    Eeeeyyy it’s cancel culture not existing again.

  18. evaneli13 says

    As someone that is not homophobic, it just pisses me off that people are still shocked that there are homophobic people. Just because we are in 2021, doesn’t mean the whole world is changing at a pace that you wish it was. I do believe that it was a stupid and childish move to cancel an order based on the fact that the company made rainbow cookies.

    Lets be honest too, so many companies that make rainbow and gender fluid related stuff don’t give a damn or are actually homophobic themselves, but money is money.

  19. Chicken-with-a-gun says

    Wow image hating someone for something that’s none of your business.

  20. alt170alt95alt170 says

    Who makes a large order without receiving payment first?

  21. sootsupra says

    What the fuck is wrong with homophobic people

  22. Sharpie61115 says

    Idk how there is still so many homophobes out there. Who gives a fuck what two consenting adults do behind doors.

  23. Szakiricky8 says

    This story ended on a very positive note. After they put this public, many appeared at the store and bought every cookie, including the leftovers.

  24. lac1998 says

    More Love. No Hate.

  25. MrsPonting says

    I’ve looked at their FB page and they’ve had an overwhelming amount of support since this incident. I’m so happy there are good people in the world

  26. YeetasBurritas says

    Don’t worry guys there’s a happy ending. just checked their Facebook and they are completely sold out and have gotten tons of donations that they are donating to local animal rescue.

  27. spike4379 says

    Why have so much hate for people? They just wanna be happy like everyone else. Why all this over orientation? It hurts nobody.

    Its really sad to see and just, disappointing.

  28. VFDGamer says

    you should’ve posted the whole story. they sold out of the whole store’s cookies, not just the homophobic canceller’s cookies. very nice human moment

  29. buzz_17 says

    Sometimes I just want these business to say Fuck Yall customers who hate. Cause really, that’s what everyone really thinks.

  30. Thompithompa says

    Why would you cut off the wholesome part where a lot of people came and bought the entire stock of cookies

  31. awalker11 says

    The cynic in me thinks this was just a sales pitch. They had a huge line the next day due to this.

  32. xXbignibbaXx says

    It isn’t shown here but the story has a good ending

  33. Supersymm3try says

    call me cynical, but I don’t see anything noble in businesses cashing in on cultural memes to make a profit, which is exactly what 99% of the ‘pride month’ partakers are doing. Companies have never cared about anything that doesn’t make them a profit, see any of the multinational’s celebrating pride in the UK/US behaviour in saudi/the middle east for proof of this.

    Ok this might be genuine and from a small business, but a lot of people are wary of fake activism from companies using social issues to further their own account balance and I can see that putting them off. Don’t have to be homophobic to hate being pandered to by profit hungry businesses.

  34. NotTheDragon says

    Wouldn’t be surprised it that were a church. Like, one if the more extreme ones that are even more strict about following the bible.

  35. JoeyMonsterMash says

    Sounds like someone just wants to sell some sympathy cookies lmao

  36. Round2readyGO says

    It’s alarming how people eat this up as fact and crusade to buy their product. It seems like very clear marketing to me. Maybe I’m jaded, but the timing is too right and the lack of proof is suspect.

  37. ShadyJ0080 says

    This is bullshit – as in I think the people made it up so that people buy more. There isn’t any proof of hate messages.

    Show me the hateful post.

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