1. tredrano says

    So cute & it’s a victimless crime.

  2. BobbyDiglar says

    Awe! Look at that happy puppy!

  3. Haunting_Head5325 says

    Petition to make the hole in the fence larger

  4. Livingforgoingfast says

    I would totally do the same thing.

  5. NoShameInternets says

    My dog is obsessed with my neighbor, who I share a low fence with. The pup whines to go out every day at around the same time, and I finally realized a few weeks ago it’s about 5:30… when he hears my neighbor get home from work and slam his car door. My dog will whine at the door, then go stand at the fence and whine until my neighbor comes out and gives him some love.

    It’s adorable.

  6. fishsauce453 says

    Yeah. My pup is all love and grants it in a radius of 26x her width. This is as it should be!!!

  7. MLS_toimpress says

    The neighbors 5 year old girl sticks her fingers through the slats of the fence and screams my dogs’ names lol its hilarious. One of them ignores her and the other gets all excited and licks her little fingers, which then makes the girl laugh-scream.

  8. Ur-Alarm-Clock says

    How DARE he. He must be punished…. TO THE STORE FOR A NEW TOY!

  9. UF-OH-Noes says

    As a fellow pupper neighbor but not owner sorry to correct you but…

    The dog is stealing scritches from your neighbor.

  10. -ruddy_mysterious- says

    It’s hypnotic…….

  11. okiesperson says

    I want Reba next door to me.

  12. onlyupliftingcomment says

    Ah yes, the double hand method… one on the nose and the other scratching the chin. Super effective! 😍

  13. barryandorlevon says

    I love this. My Great Dane is named Reba!

  14. driedoutmilk says

    As a guy who works on exteriors of homes I have a lot of moments with dogs through fences and if the dog is friendly I’ll reach over and pet them for awhile it’s always a day maker. I had one especially cute golden retriever that when the house next door let him out I asked from my ladder if I could come down and say hi to them

  15. PistachioPug says

    Invite that neighbor over for a proper playdate!

  16. JameStoltzfus17 says

    Hippity hoppity, is a friend on my property?

  17. Khidy00 says

    That’s a very pretty pebble you’ve got there

  18. aurora_arcana says

    Aww she has such a happy waggy tail ☺

  19. smudgesrevenge says

    A mysterious being lurks beyond the outermost boundary of my universe… and it loves to give chin scritches. It’s like the opposite of Lovecraftian horror.

  20. Systemfailedv13 says

    10/10 would scratch

  21. lilvapeh says

    i moved to a new neighborhood recently and when i let my dogs outside they’ll go get attention from the neighbor kids if they’re outside

  22. IamJustALearner says

    Fence hole & pupperino… Inevitable.
    Pupperino wins!

  23. mashable88 says

    Oh I would have too! Rebas coat is so glossy! 😍

  24. ImaginaryRoads says

    To be honest, I don’t think this can count as theft. It looks like Reba was giving the scritches away freely.

  25. Grampas-Erotic-Poems says

    Wholesome glory hole.

  26. imthatguydavid says

    Oh man, I do it with my neighbors dog Boomer all the time. Everytime I take my dog out bag, boomers there. Love that dog, as well as mine

  27. mr-thunkening says

    The scritches black market has been discovered, quick scatter

  28. Ashes4stashes says

    A 1′ × 1′ door with a little latch would be a perfect way to give lovin’s through the fence.

    Edit: maybe a little smaller so beautiful Reba doesn’t try to liquify like a cat to fit through it.

  29. The_Kasvot_Vaxt says

    Bag it

    Tag it

  30. theworldismadeofcorn says

    I wish I were your nestdoor neighboor!

  31. HarryCallahan19 says

    They are such great pups

  32. The_Infectious_Lerp says

    I’ve done the same and I regret nothing! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  33. whitt_wan says

    Just realised this is the doggo equivalent of a glory hole…

  34. plumfairy231 says


  35. violentdeli8 says

    Love stealer! Stealing loves from an infinite supply, must be stopped.

  36. ericrsim says

    A secret affair

  37. HestianFlame says

    your dog is so healthy, my eyes are disturbed

  38. jbbean18 says

    When your dog cheats on you

  39. BlessedGrace says

    😱 this is so me!!!

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