[Charania] Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic has won the 2020-21 NBA MVP award, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium.


[Charania] Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic has won the 2020-21 NBA MVP award, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium.

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  1. sercialinho says

    His full speech has leaked:

    >Thank you.


    I do wonder just how many voters didn’t have him first. We’ll see in a few minutes I guess.

  2. G1Spectrum says

    First Denver Nugget to ever win MVP!

  3. abaughma44 says


  4. Andrarollit says

    Seeing a second round pick, all odds stacked against him, coming in to the league overweight and unfit come this far and win MVP while absolutely dominating all matchups this season is truly amazing. Him being from my country makes it even sweeter. Hell of a season Joker.

  5. FlatMilk says

    From Taco Bell commercials to mvp

  6. johnny__ says

    Shout out to the rest of you bastards who took Joker for MVP at +1300 back in January.

  7. cs-shitposter says

    Completely deserved and amazing that he’s the lowest ever draft pick to win the MVP

    Congrats Joker

  8. PineappleHour says

    Well deserved, dude is a monster.

    Wait, they announced MVP before ROY or DPOY? That feels weird to me.

  9. BasicallyADiety says

    Shout out to that one dude back in 14/15 who spammed Jokic is the GOAT everywhere

    Edit: Free Eg1400

  10. PnG_e says

    Well deserved big fella

  11. interrogatories says

    Honey doesn’t spoil.

  12. MrDee97 says

    Getting to see the 41st overall pick from Serbia lift an MVP trophy is going to be history!

  13. ProfessorBeast55 says

    Well deserved. Congrats to the Big Honey 🍯

  14. mansmurf says

    Get him 3 bottles of Coke for today

  15. MFVEJA says

    Sorry Dražen, Toni, Dino, Vlade, Radivoj, Peja, Dejan, Miloš…



  16. jcarmona24 says

    Serbian MVP in the NBA and Serbian MVP in Euroleague.

  17. ShoutOutTo_Caboose says

    Is Jokic the lowest drafted MVP in league history?

  18. Dongsquad420BlazeIt says

    Fat man good

  19. IGbotter says


  20. emmseeyou says

    Luka, see what happens when you shed body fat

  21. Skhodave says

    Well deserved

  22. sophtkid_101 says

    [Nugget fans reaction](https://streamable.com/92hd4i)

  23. SpaffyWaffle says

    This one’s for you Eg140000

  24. Ld511 says

    League really let the fat serbian win the mvp.

  25. martial_fc15 says

    The lowest draft pick to win the MVP award 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  26. realchinky says

    Party in r/Jokic everyone!!!

  27. Memphis901Mak says

    The NBA MVP has been Eastern Orthodox for three years in a row now.

    Noice ☦️

  28. SilicoJack says

    Obvious choice.

  29. jacupuh says

    [That’s my MVP](https://i.imgur.com/ebYdWhq.jpg)

  30. hyperadhd says

    That’s my quarterback

  31. KindaAwkwardGuy says

    3 straight international MVPs. The NBA is continuing to grow. It’s gonna be insane to see the talent in the league one day as the talent pool grows. Who knows how many potential incredible basketball talents there are out there in the world who just haven’t been exposed to basketball. Guys like Jokic are opening the door for so many others. Well deserved.

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