1. rHIGHzomatic_thought says

    Pretty sure participation in capitalism is highly coerced, where as his choice to listen to shithead rappers is completely to his own whim. Clearly has no coherent concept of freedom. I bet hes a right libertarian.

  2. CheshireGray says
  3. Xander_PrimeXXI says

    My feelings on art from problematic people is complicated but Mr. Pink over there is definetly an ahole

  4. CaitaXD says

    You can separate the artist from the art int fact there’s a little thing called piracy so you can do so without giving the guy any money

  5. Glossyplane542 says

    I hate this argument so much.

    Of course we’re going to participate on capitalism when we live in a fucking capitalist society. That’s literally not an option

    Him listening to and buying shitty people’s music is entirely his decision and he has full control of it.

  6. LAVATORR says

    The most common defense for financially supporting immoral behavior is that most of it is hidden beneath the insanely complex latticework of international trade. It’s simply not practical to perform three hours of research before buying anything to make sure nobody was hurt or exploited making this product, and if it turns out they do…..well, hooray, that’s one less option for me!

    In this case, the product isn’t necessary and there’s a straight line between evil and the man getting the money.

  7. RobinHood21 says

    To give the guy some credit, artists like Death Grips rap about some pretty horrific stuff but that’s point. They don’t reflect the author’s actual beliefs or experiences, most of Death Grips songs are sort of from the POV of a fictional character.

    Then there’s artists with actual abhorrent beliefs, I won’t support them. I’ll probably pirate their music though.

  8. nimmalt says

    That’s like asking the rape victim if they participated in rape. Of course they did, they were hardly given a choice.

    That’s the whole fucking point, you soggy piece of mediocre bread. Dumb as twenty yards of road, but not nearly as useful to anyone but the assholes they probably elect.

  9. shadyhawkins says

    So people will bend the fuck over backwards to defend a pos artist they even *kind of* like.

  10. idkvroomvroom says

    Guy in pink is a utter shit person, he said all pit bulls should be put to death, and makes tons of inappropriate comments to women unwarranted.

  11. iTzNikkitty says

    You’re forced to participate in capitalism by living under its rule. Nobody is forcing you to listen to a song about raping women.
    Also, I feel like separating art from the artist is only really defendable when said art has little to nothing to do with the artist’s horrible views or actions. ie: Notch and Minecraft.

  12. ooh_lala_ah_weewee says

    Second comment is cringe, but I don’t disagree with his first one. I’m not going to stop listening to Kanye despite all the damage he’s done these past few years.

    Almost every artist, actor, director, whatever that you like is probably shitty in some way. Obviously there are varying degrees and in more extreme cases, you certainly shouldn’t support that person financially. But I don’t think it’s problematic to listen to a person’s song on Spotify or whatever, because they aren’t really gaining anything from that.

  13. Memeboiiiiiiiius69 says

    Steve Jobs was a buddhist lol

  14. GoldenHairedBoy says

    I’m gonna say it again for the people in the back: if the system is premised on private property ownership, every piece of land is bought up, so there is nowhere for me to go and not participate. If I could be a hunter-gatherer, I would, but I can’t.

  15. TheLilith_0 says

    I agree with the sentiment of the original comment. Once that art is out there it’s detached from the author. Any one person consuming the art of a morally bad actor does not suddenly have moral culpability

  16. songs-of-love says

    gonna go out on a limb and say they’re referring to XXXTentacion?

  17. Benoas says

    I’m not sure that this guy is wrong tbh.

    I think what he is trying to say is that there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, so what’s the material difference between buying music from a rapist rapper and buying clothes from some company that uses slave labour in Thailand?

    You must participate in capitalism and as a result you must support evil people to live your life, how is what he is doing any different basically?

  18. rustybeaumont says

    Michael Jackson was an absolute monster, but god damn was off the wall a great album.

  19. Meemsterxd says


  20. Foles_Super_Bowl_MVP says

    lmao separating art from artist is one thing, listening to a song about raping women is another level

  21. Handle-it says

    Socialists are stupid

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