1. Chungusgamer420 says

    Holy shit that’s fucking awesome

  2. akherousia says

    Love his T-shirt!

  3. Rosiepuff says

    And here I thought Southern Magnolias were big

  4. Par4theCourse2020 says

    As someone who grew up having magnolia pod wars, I would have killed to have this on my block

  5. Flyingfishwife says

    I feel like Dad could teach us all a thing or 2. Its stunning.

  6. nopantsboy says

    Where could I get a seed? I’m new and trying to have a garden

  7. yooguysimseriously says

    I can smell it from here!

  8. OddSundae1 says

    Proud poppa

  9. frankylovee says

    He and his butterfly shirt are adorable lol

  10. Dusty_Scrolls says

    I’ve never seen a magnolia like that, such huge leaves! I love magnolias though, they’re so fragrant- you can pick a single petal and carry it around and sniff it like a perfume sample. Shame the trees are so messy.

  11. halfhearted_yeehaw says

    I didn’t even know big-leaf magnolias were a thing! Does the tree grow taller than a typical magnolia as well?

  12. giglbox06 says

    Very impressive! And beautiful:)

  13. Ashe_Faelsdon says

    Jesus, that’s gorgeous.

  14. KaideRonhovde says


  15. celerywife says

    Is this Magnolia tripetala?

  16. fans-88 says

    I have never seen such a big magnolia before, how did you make it?

  17. EqualRaisin says

    Wow. Amazing

  18. KobenstyleMama says

    Wow!! And from seed! How old is this tree?

  19. CuriousKilla94 says

    You should post this in r/absoluteunits

  20. LegoEggos says

    I cannot imagine the mesmerizing scent! The most gorgeous mag I have ever seen. Please forward all of my compliments. I would be interested in getting seed and info? I’ve been so proud growing southern, which now seems like a mini baby compared to this one lol My absolute fave.

  21. ji99lypu44 says

    Thats amazing looking!! Can we get more pics of him
    And his garden?? I bet the rest of his yard is amazing

  22. Flyersunionfan says


  23. letsgetdomestic says

    Wow! Did he start in inside?

  24. abookofpotatoes says

    Wow, looks amazing! How long did it take to grow that big?

  25. bero10013 says

    Wow, it’s beautiful! Two years ago I went to the Alhambra in Spain and made a picture of a huuuuge magnolia tree. Can you ask your dad if this is the same species?


  26. the_fart_princess says

    I like everything about this picture! What a beautiful beautiful plant

  27. butterfangers says

    Wow #goals i am in awe

  28. meribeth60 says

    He is as good looking as that magnolia flower! Just as cute as a speckled pup under a red

  29. jaquatics says

    Anyone in Northern Virginia I’ve got some for sale where I work.

  30. Smiles2915 says

    That’s a beautiful magnolia never seen one so big and the your dads tshirt is awesome!

  31. HydroHousing says


  32. s_merec says

    I love ohio

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