1. merkins_galore says

    I watched this form while I was at work yesterday. There was rotation in the clouds 10 min before a funnel appeared. The first video I took started at 5:06 and you can see the funnel extending down before any debris is visible on the ground. I think that would make it a weak tornado but I’m not an expert. It was really cool to watch either way.

  2. UBRC says

    What the fuck is a “land spout”?

  3. FullMetalT-Shirt says

    That white truck waiting for the tornado to cross the road before he makes his left… wow.

  4. bobojorge says

    Looks like a weiner

  5. TheArchdude says

    This must be eastern Colorado.

  6. LeapnLeprechaun says

    I think they call that a tornado

  7. Battlepuppy says

    White truck is waaaaay too chlll.

    White truck thinks: “About time. Stupid land spouts think they own the road”

  8. SimoTheIrishWolf says

    Forgive me uneducated Irish ass, but realistically how dangerous would one of these be? I know we have the F scale for tornadoes but this looks like its something different? Or am I just stupid. Like would this thing do damage to building? Could you “safely” appoarch it? How fast would it be spinning? Im genuinely curious because while the bottom half looks dangerous the top half looks harmless.

  9. stealth57 says

    Who da hell tilts their phone that way!?!?

  10. Petervroom_x says

    PFI Speed caught the whole thing on their YT for anyone who’s interested.


  11. arcticdeth says

    Man people think Australia is scary, but I would take every snake and spider in the world over living somewhere that something like this can happen

  12. zhadyx says

    To sum up the confusion between cyclones, tornados and spouts >

    A tornado forms over a mesocyclone that spawns from a supercell. A supercell is just a thunderstorm but on steroids.

    A tornado is significantly stronger/faster and travels with a faster velocity. They are rated on an enhanced Fujita scale (that is based on destructive capability, not wind rotation speed). In tornado alley, hot air (from South America) meets cold air (from Canada).
    Warm air generally rises, and the motion of warm area rising creates updrafts. Yadda yadda yadda, these winds and updrafts create mesocyclone, which can rarely spawn a tornado. If a tornado does spawn, well usually it will use moisture as fuel until it runs out.

    A spout is a vortex that spawns from anything that’s not a supercell/mesocyclone.

    Water spouts can spawn over bodies of water. There are also tornados, which can spawn over water.

    There are dust devils, which spawn in the heat, and are spawned from warm air rising and spinning in a circle, which causes it to shrink and spin even faster.

    There are firewhirls that spawn in heat. Burning man is an event where multiple firewhirls spawn due to the heat and smoke of them burning stuff. There are also firewhirls that can spawn during big forest fires and actually turn into something really dangerous. (The wind providing fresh oxygen to the flames to make them burn even hotter). There was one case of a fire actually producing a firewhirl so strong that it was considered tornadic.

    There are icewhirls that spawn in snowy mountains and pretty much is a vortex of snow. You see them sometimes as you are going up a ski lift.

    Cyclones/typhoons/hurricanes spawn over bodies of water but however are much different in nature. They are way larger, but have much less rotational force/wind speed. Despite having tamer winds, they end up doing more damage, due to their sheer size. Since they are considered storms, they can actually spawn weaker tornados.

    There are many different kinds of vortexes and they all come in different shapes and sizes. While some can be dangerous, we can appreciate them all for being marvels of nature.

  13. Appleman5000 says

    I wonder if it sucked up any cows?

  14. Wrong-History says

    That’s earth penis cumming in the atmosphere .

  15. perchancetodate says

    I say “tornado” and you say “spout”,

    You say “let’s film a little” and I say “get out!”

    Tornado, spout, film, getthefuckoutofthere,

    Let’s tell that white pickup not to drive into that!

  16. nunesws says

    As someone who lives in Colorado, I can say this is definitely an earth dick

  17. settledownguy says

    Nice truck. You got coverage? “Liability only”

  18. classicbased says

    So is tornado old English now or something?

  19. Dan-z-man says

    My dude. That’s a tornado

  20. Ellis_Dee-25 says

    That’s not a dust devil man thats straight up a tornado.

  21. Juggz666 says
  22. Buck_Thorn says

    Land spout? I’ve never heard that term before. Is there something different about that from a tornado?

  23. Sixstringsickness says

    Wtf is a land spout? Isn’t that a tornado?

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