1. DonDove says

    Damn he’s so cool

  2. thedigested says

    Damn he’s hot

  3. superpuzzlekiller says


  4. GodzillaUK says

    Enough with posting pics of the man as a chil– Oh wait, that’s the other one. Never mind.

  5. taebohoe says

    oh god please dont tell me theyre writing covid into the story

  6. Intstnlfortitude says

    I hope Johnny kicked some ass this season!

  7. DeadSharkEyes says

    He could give me a karate lesson

  8. DragonlordKingslayer says

    cobra kai season 4 and the last kingdom season 5 i am so fucking hyyyyyped son

  9. MovieMaster2004 says

    I wish they wore these half masks, makes them even more badass

  10. AshFaden says

    Whats his insta?

  11. JoeBamba223 says

    And it still won’t release for months

  12. UniqueNewYork90 says

    How does this confirm ?

  13. BeekyGardener says

    I like to think this is how Scorpion would have went if he was instead born in Southern California and had a rough upbringing instead of his family being massacred.

  14. wenderliine says

    the most consistent netflix orginal

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