1. Afoster20 says

    It looks like he’s mooo-ing. I wish I could hear

  2. Prune_the_hedges says

    Pretty sure that’s a Coo

  3. BigBlackHungGuy says

    I watched this for way too long. Such bliss that cow is feeling.

  4. p1um5mu991er says

    Feel like I’m watching a makeover show

  5. Grizzlysol says

    I wana be this cow

  6. 0vindicator1 says

    I wonder if these animals ever get snagged by a brush and are like “AGH!!!! FFFFMMMRRRRRrrrrr…”

  7. Deathglass says

    Tiny cow

  8. TheFrontierzman says

    Those horns started making me paranoid that someone was about to be accidentally stabbed.

  9. Santacue says

    Scottish Highland cattle

  10. theyrdodgy says

    Yah missed a spot! 🐂

  11. Bewolfs says

    Oh lawd how happy I would be if I could snuggle with a calf of that kind

  12. nonfamousjay says

    All I can see are some infidels worshipping a golden calf!

  13. Inspectorgadget4250 says

    Redefining a 3 way

  14. gj29 says

    Lady on the left “awww you are going taste soooo good soon.”

  15. opencoriander says

    They should keep an eye out for those horns!

  16. Cthulusbitch says


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