1. jaimmster says

    I can’t stop looking at it. I seriously don’t know half of those parts.

  2. redbaronthincrust says

    In storage wars, they talk about finding storage units with contraptions like this inside. It’s always a sign of drug use, typically meth. It’s never a good sign. There are usually gallons of piss in the storage unit and other less-than-worthless nonsense.

  3. Sarcastic-Prick-88 says

    I’m genuinely curious what it does. This crackhead just invented a time machine for all we know. 😆

  4. mrpopenfresh says

    This is worth $75 as a piece of naïve art.

  5. unusedthought says

    This is what happens when you’re tripping balls and your roommate is playing Fallout, you try to make a Tesla rifle.

  6. anima1mother says

    Trippin my ass! That’s a meth head ray gun if I’ve ever seen one. I once watched a tweaker make a fire mortar out of five soup cans, some duck tape, tennis balls and some lighter fluid.

  7. iLikeMoldyBread says

    kinda reminds me of the lazer musket that Preston Garvey always carries around

  8. youallshouldknow says

    Flux Capacitor Calibration Tool.

  9. GraeIsEvolving says

    Best sauce I’ve found so far


    “a combo fuse checker and circuit breaker igniter.”

  10. anonjohny says

    It sent you back in parallel universe where…

  11. Coffee_24-7 says

    Should be on r/AcidheadCraigslist.

  12. LookRandy says

    Gmod tool gun

  13. selfawarefeline says

    it will not only supply inverse reactive current for use in unilateral phase detractors, but would also be capable of automatically synchronizing cardinal gram meters. such an instrument is the turboencabulator.

  14. Euphoric-Market7438 says

    Motherfucker just invented a quadriplegic quadriplegia galarian galati gallardo ray gun

  15. squeamish says

    I think it’s designed to extract $75 from your wallet.

  16. 07JEP says


  17. AC2-YT says

    This is a time machine. Hit someone over the head with it, they’ll travel 2-5 minutes

  18. TheSilversky64 says

    Hey mom, can we have Fallout 4?

    We have Fallout 4 at home.

    *Fallout 4 at home:*

  19. SayLittleDoMuch says

    Pretty sure that’s a transponster.

  20. __Cypher_Legate__ says

    It looks like a grapple gun or clamper, if I had to take a wild guess lol.

    That black box on it looks like a relay. Behind it (out of shot mostly) looks like some sort of motor, or something else. That bar under the relay looks like some sort of lever trigger. At the other end, there looks like some servo levers (don’t remember what they’re called, but it’s what wires pull on to get rotary movement) which may operate a clamp.

    I’m assuming that when you pull the lever, it actuated the relay which runs power somewhere. Relays usually are high current switches that would be too much for a transistor, which is worrisome. Hopefully he’s not running high current through this thing. But I’m just guessing here, that powe may be running to a servo controlling the clamp.

    Totally guessing though since this thing is an abomination and there is no diagrams.

  21. lPickleJuicel says

    I wont be surprised if he ends up breaking the fabric of reality with that thing.

  22. Logimite says

    looks like a synthesizer… the dudes at r/synthesizers will love this

  23. mgd09292007 says

    Probably the real flux capacitor

  24. Underagedadult says
  25. -TheBloodiestLegend- says


  26. daveyboi80 says

    Rick’s portal gun prototype?

  27. BlaytMaster420 says

    Laser musket

  28. Puterman says

    Alpha model proton pack… Works ok but everything tastes like metal afterwards for a month.

  29. TheGreenGobblr says

    Either a vibrator or a cattle prod, though those are not mutually exclusive

  30. thetruemaddox says

    Holy Shit! In this dimension Rick just pawns his portal gun?!

  31. FlayedSkull says

    2.5K upvotes for a repost of a repost of a repost

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