1. NaClGT says

    h-how did they discover this?

  2. mk_oltra says

    u/fish_fucker69 is this true

  3. Inspirational_Lizard says

    u/fish_fucker69 would not agree.

  4. Shychopath says

    u/Fish_Fucker69 know what you’re dealing with.

  5. razorbackfrost7 says


  6. ShohJ says

    Fun fact: Fish don’t fuck, fish get fucked

  7. PrestoErmino says

    Wait, that’s not how fish reproduce..

  8. KimJongUndo_ says

    wait I thought that a woman’s orgasm wasnt required to cause pregnancy? wtf are fish doing

  9. Valhern-Aryn says

    Everyone is linking u/fish_fucker69. How many notifications did you get?

  10. SwarthyRuffian says

    Meanwhile I stopped because it made the sushi inedible

  11. hornylelouch says

    How to fuck a fish? I never found a good hole so just got a blowjob damn man

  12. PewDeathCookie says

    Fish fucker 69 is disappointed in you

  13. D_K_2_7 says

    Dorothy played him

  14. AdarshTheGreatGamer says


  15. xXIronMan780 says

    u/fish_fucker69 what do you got to say about this

  16. Alphafloss says

    After like a week or two in relation with the fish , the guy found out that something fishy was going on

  17. TheVapingPug says

    I wanna know how they figured out that these fish were acting like my ex wife

  18. imaculat_indecision says

    I feel bad for fish fucker 69. So many tags.

  19. thotslayer21600 says

    It’s time to summon our Lord u/Fish_fucker69

  20. BigInventor says

    This entire comment section is about u/Fish_Fucker69 lol

  21. PolishCow34 says

    This is how I *started* fucking fish

  22. Lucky_Cookie515 says

    Thats why I fuck them dead so they never cheat on me ever again

  23. PPhuuge says

    That fish a mega hoe if it willing to take the humadick.(DN)

  24. backtobadh says

    This sub has become a shitshow. What a joke.

  25. MrTsquared88 says

    They say 7 out of 10 men can’t bring a woman to orgasm.

    …. but 10 out of 10 men don’t give a shit.

  26. Dirty_Gurdy says

    They don’t fake organisms… they fake releasing their eggs

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